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An Israeli soldier rides atop an armored vehicle after crossing into
Israel from a combat mission in the Gaza Strip, I see the death in the air filled with thick, poisonous, smoke. The air is deadly. This my Friends is  like a massive “Gas Chamber”. Jan. 12, 2009. Photo: AP/  Lefteris Pitarakis



Palestinian medics wheel a wounded man, who according to Palestinian
medical sources was injured in an Israeli strike, to Kamal Adwan
hospital, in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, on Monday,
Jan. 12, 2009. Photo: AP / Fadi Adwan



This is happening all over of Gaza Photo: AP /Adel Hana



Israeli was attacking in Gaza,  when everyone was pre-occupied with the Financial Crisis around the world.  Who knew /Israel broke the Cease fire on November 4 2008.  the Financial Crisis started in September of 2008 or before in the US. Photo: WN /Ahmed Deeb



Gaza protest boat sails back into Lebanon Photo:  AP/ Lefteris Pitarakis

U.S. Air Force / Ingsoc


Gaza protest boat sails into Lebanon after being damaged by Israeli navy Photo: US Air Force/ Ingsoc



Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo:   AP/ Mohammed Ballas



Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo: AP /Hatem Moussa



Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo: WN



US deserves blame for Gaza slaughter Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo: WM/ Ahmed Deeb



Photo: AP


Photo:  AP /Fadi Adwan

What’s happening in Gaza isn’t war. It is sheer unadulterated horror and because Israel has outlawed foreign journalists and is targeting Palestinian TV reporters we don’t know the half of it.

On November the 4th Israel attacked Gaza and broke the Cease fire as noted in. 79 % of the time: Israel caused conflicts not Hamas

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