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International Labor Organizations

The AFL-CIO is affiliated to the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)—the worldwide union network. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the ICFTU has more than 230 affiliated union federations in 152 countries representing 150 million workers.


 Welcome to the official website of the Industrial Workers of the World.



Seek Lost Souls



Let them feel the passion of love

Let them know we care

Smile upon them kindly

Smile in your heart

This is a time of peace

This is time of harmony

Let those who are lost be found

Let their light shine

It is in each of us to make one person laugh

It is our guiding light of hope

Reach to someone who needs a kind word

Reach to someone who feels lost

Dare to be compassionate

Dare to be free

We are all one child

We are all one spirit

Remember your past

Remember your future

I send to you a day of Love

I send to you my Hope’s of a better world