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Canadian Connections

Anti-Poverty Organizations
Canadian Farmers
Aboriginal Affairs
Anti-Poverty Organizations
Anti-Torture Oraganizations
Veterans Anti -War
Media Locators
Peace and Anti-War
Child poverty Around The World
Geneva Convention
International Law
Free Trade & WTO
Human Rights Oraganizations
Government Connections
Trade Organizations
Health Organizations
World Events
United Nations Critisize Canada On Poverty



National Anti Poverty Orgganization


Links to Numerous Anti-Poverty Organizations

French and English 


Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization NB


APC  Vancouver BC


Ontario Coalition AgainstPoverty


Alberta Coalition Against poverty


Women and Fair Income Alberta    Anti-Poverty Links



 The KAIROS Anti-poverty program



Anglicare Australia


Australian Council of Social Services


Australia Institute of Health and Welfare


Brotherhood of St Laurence


Catholic Welfare


Centre for Independent Studies


Department of Family and Community Services


Mission Australia


National Centre for Economic and Social Modelling


National Coalition Against Poverty


St Vincent de Paul Society Australia


The Salvation Army


The Smith Family


Social Policy Research Centre


Uniting Care

United States


The New Jersey Anti-Poverty Network

UK, Ireland, Scotland


Ireland Welfare


Ireland, Scotland, UK


Links Europe


Make Poverty HistoryT

he ONE Campaign is the U.S. partner in the Glo

In the United Kingdom

In Canada

In France

In Germany

In Spain

In Japan

If your country is not listed above, please visit The Global Call to Action against Poverty for a list of current international partner campaigns. GCAP is a worldwide alliance committed to making world leaders live up to their promises, and to making a breakthrough on poverty in 2005.

It is an alliance between a range of actors around the common cause of ending poverty including coalitions in over seventy countries, community groups, trade unions, individuals, religious and faith groups, campaigners and more.


World Vision Cananda




Youth Volunteer Coalition


Young Volunteers Coalition


Third World Network


World Vision International


World Vision Cananda










Amnesty International




Salvation Army




Association for Women's Rights in Development




Aid Fourth World




ATTAC - International movement for democratic control of financial markets and their institutions




CARE International




Caritas International




Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions








International Committee of the Red Cross









Consumers International




Defence for Children International




Dignity International




EMMA‹S International




Family Health International




World Social Forum




Global Alliance for Womens Health




Global Exchange




Global Health Council




Global Policy Forum








Human Rights Watch








International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development




International Council on Social Welfare




International Deaf Children's Society




International Forum on Globalisation




International Rivers Network




New Internationalist






Disabled People’s International




OXFAM International




Amnesty International




Bretton Woods Project




International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights




Save the childrens Alliance




Social Watch




Society for International Development








Transparency international