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U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe
A review of post-Cold War policy, force levels, and war planning.
This February 2005 NRDC paper pieces together evidence from an array of sources to show that the United States is still deploying 480 nuclear weapons in Europe. Until now, most observers believed there were no more than half that many still left on the continent. The continuing presence of these weapons irritates relations with Russia, undermines global efforts to dissuade other nations from developing nuclear weapons, and impedes NATO's post-Cold War evolution. The Bush administration and the NATO alliance should address this issue as a matter of global nuclear security and remove all U.S. nuclear weapons from Europe.

"The fact that the United States has some 480 nuclear weapons still stationed in Europe will come as a surprise to a lot of Europeans," said Hans M. Kristensen, the author of the report. "The big question is: 'Why are they still there more than a decade after the Cold War ended?' Neither the United States nor NATO has been able to articulate a credible mission for the weapons."


6 video series on Du, Nuclear, and Gulf War Syndrome.

The Planet cannot sustain this type of pollution
any longer. They go on for an eternity that cigarettes cause cancer. Well
Radiation causes a whole lot more. The wind blows and it goes. There is a
cancer epidemic on the planet and this is the major cause along with pesticides
and other assorted things. But this is truly one of the worst. You can't see
it, you can't smell it and it is around you every day because it doesn't go

US DU AND Experiments on the American people

Gulf War Illness 


This is also a six part series but one seems to be missing.


Ghost Town - Introduction  To be remembered

Land of Wolves Picture Gallery

Chernobyl  More information

Three Mile Island   Monday, Feb. 24, 1997

2004  Two in five Americans develop cancer; one in five dies of it.

Of the 3,000-odd counties in the United States, women living in about 1,300 nuclear counties (located within 100 miles of a reactor) are at the greatest risk of dying of breast cancer.

Clean energy

Here is another site run by people who have the skills and knowledge on a range of subjects, including the tests carried out by Pro Yull Brown.
Please read before you make your own mind up on this very important issue, read with a open mind, and think about our children,
What if we leave it to them to clean up the mess and the danger to there environment? Will they have the time and the skills to learn or will it be to late!

The site is  about Advanced transmutation processes 

A.Michrowski is President of Planetary Association for clean Energy. Inc.
Advanced transutation processes and their application for decontamination of radioactive nuclar waste.
In both methods the radioactive in sample decreases by up to 97% rapidly and at LOW COST.
please read as the cost could be very high for our children and this planet.

Nuclear Waste Survey and Information.

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