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911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

new documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC's selective and distorted 911 coverage. With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007

Great 9/11 videos

I have viewed quit a number of Videos and read a lot of 9/11 Views and thoughts on the theories and mysteries of what happened.

These make you think. Keep in mind color changes in planes, buildings, sky and background or anything else.

September Clues – part 1

September Clues – part 2

September Clues – part 3

September Clues – part 4

September Clues – part 5


 "The Most Comprehensive Minute By Minute Timeline On 911"

Please sign and pass on these four petitions:
( sponsored by, et al.

 New to 9-11 Research?

This is the Number 2 Petition above 


[I believe that all of these petitions can be signed by anyone in any country -- you don't have to be a U.S. citizen. They are Petitions of SOLIDARITY with U.S. citizens trying to find the TRUTH.]

Original Message:


Landmark Implosion Looks Like WTC Collapse
Classic crimp and leaning mirrors Building 7, South Tower

The controlled demolition of a North Texas building Saturday provided a stark reminder that WTC Building 7 and the twin towers could not have been brought down by any other means than planned implosion.

Watch the video of the Landmark Tower implosion in downtown Fort Worth and compare it to the South Tower of the WTC.

We see the classic crimp and leaning effects of controlled demolition in both cases.

The foundation of the building is blown first to weaken the structure and the building's 30 floors are then quickly popped out one by one to ensure the building falls rapidly in its own footprint.

WTC workers who were inside the building before its collapse state that they were eyewitnesses to underground explosions that were totally separate from the plane impacts.

The building falls faster than the speed of gravity as was the case with the twin towers.

Reminiscent of 9/11, dust then quickly engulfs surrounding city blocks.

Adjacent buildings receive minor damage such as broken windows and yet we are to believe that falling debris caused WTC 7, a 600 foot building that occupied an entire city block, to collapse in the late afternoon of September 11.

The twin towers and Building 7 were the first and only steel buildings to collapse from supposed fire damage in history.

Firefighter dispatch tapes prove that there were no raging infernos inside the towers and the fires were nearly extinguished. Photos before the collapse show a few minor fires in Building 7.

The Windsor Building in Madrid burned for nearly 24 hours as raging fires enveloped almost all of its 32 floors. The steel framed building did not collapse. The South and North towers collapsed within 56 and 103 minutes of being hit by planes respectively.

What is wrong with this picture?

Original Message:


hey Barbara, thanx for 9/11 petitions & links/info.
I would ask u to please pass around my letter below that is the ONLY hard evidence that will ever amount to anything on the World Trade Center because all other elements of conspiracy exist is a catagory of supposed fact that a good lawyer will rip to shreds,
whereas my point on WTC 7, infamous Building 7, is the part they cannot deny due to the way in which all large buildings are purposely imploded (brought down as a matter of safety when damaged, such as the famous building in Las Vegas that was imploded on national tv coverage as a media spectacle in recent years).
Read what I say & think about it &
if u can, please pass on to your whole network & ask them to
consider focusing on the ONLY part of this case that can yield a VICTORY in court---
all other elements cannot be made in a way that tough lawyers won't
enjoy either de-bunking or using "secret file" privilege or simple "lack of evidence"
to shred.
peace thru vigilance,

hello everyone,
MY caveat
that helps to keep us from looking gullible as well as
WEAK conspiracy theorists :
A critical issue in the DVD's & theories is of course the recordings/evidence of the somewhat infamous
World Trade Center building # 7 (WTC 7) because the idea/conspiracy is
BASED on the fact that it was imploded/destroyed deliberately and thus we can finally----with evidence---
((since all other ground zero evidence is dead, gone and weak))....
finally make a HARD case to our fellow countrymen.
BUT this is the crack in the egg----I have to tell you something I have seen on other videos/reading materials/testimonials as well as FAMOUS CNN & national tv news from Sept. 11th :
As has been shown in reports & repeated ,
the big-shots who made decisions that infamous day had DECIDED to destroy/implode Building 7 because of safety reasons, which does make sense....
that's old news ( recall the famous comment we decided to PULL building 7... ).
It's not hard to imagine that proximity to the Twin Towers devastation meant that WTC 7 was a building whose foundation/structure was thus rocked to the hilt--
no one would EVER want to enter/work in such a shaky structure after those events.

Well folks, everyone (except one DVD I watched) managed to miss the ENTIRE point :

-----it does not matter that they destroyed Building 7,
because it was indeed damaged & would collapse or otherwise drop interior/exterior debris killing innocent victims & firefighters & emergency heroes & workers later on.....
HERE's the MISSING smoking gun :

As professionals who implode buildings know,
to implode a building so safely and so well done (as seen on national tv that day, 9/11) 
WITHOUT weeks or at least MANY days of preperartory studies of :
1)  architectural plans ;
2)  structural studies ;
3)  final laying out of dangerous explosive charges, supportive wiring 
that simpley CANNOT have been done in the confusing/disasterous hours of Sept. 11 amid one of the largest most congested cities on earth.

Our NATION saw, on National TV on Sept. 11----
just how perfectly safe
the building imploded:
it fell to the ground
almost as perfect as any professional implosion without blowing out in various dangerous directions/destructive modes/mistakes.

All issues about whether or not to destroy building 7 are a smokescreen.

The REAL issue is that imploded buildings take weeks or so to prepare to bring down in such linear fashion that they don't fall all over the place endagering large areas beyond the building's location.
It does't matter how many blocks are safely bordered-off from traffic/pedestrians....ALL professionals who do this kind of work will take weeks/days to do something as dangerous as a
controlled building implosion of a large building.
NOT only this, but in the national and
city mayhem of destruction
with ALL available emergency personnel pushed to the limits and
giving their lives
 as well as communication systems problems,

well folks, how did we miraculously muster a professional team to:
1)  get organized & locate their ENTIRE team (some of which may not have even been in the New York or Northeast Area;

2)  quicky travel thru the dangerous-disaster World Trade Center destruction zone;

3) and thus implode a big city building at ground zero
with death and destruction everywhere---

all within a tiny window of hours while our citizens & 2 largest buildings were being blasted by fuel oil heat levels and death & of critical emergency workers & innocent citizens?

Follow these questions----
the very PERSONNEL who did this Building 7 implosion among the greatest hours of disaster in modern New York City.

THAT is the smoking gun,
NOT facts that are buried beneath permanent rubble or destroyed permanently or otherwise too weak to prove beyond a doubt just what really happened that fateful day.
Rob Mykoff

9/11 Videos:

911 Information

9/11 commission told of Atta cover-up

Intelligence officer goes public in Able Danger exposé

By Patrick Martin

A longtime Army intelligence officer went public with his allegations about a cover-up in the 9/11 investigation, giving an on-the-record interview Monday night to the New York Times and Fox News, and then further interviews Tuesday to other news outlets.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, 42, confirmed that he had been a source for previous reports in the Times and the Norristown Times-Herald, a Philadelphia-area newspaper, about a secret data-mining operation known as Able Danger, which he said had identified Mohammed Atta and three other 9/11 suicide hijackers in 2000, more than a year before the terrorist attacks.



Some of them will say or do anything to get re-elected. George Bush relied on bigotry and a few other things. Of course he hates anyone who disagrees with him. They become the enemy and he spins a web of lies in order to do it.

 Freedom Fries. Freedom Toast. Good Grief. How pathetically childish!

Fortunately the truth catches up with them. How many lies were told about 911? Most of what was said was fabricated by spin doctors.

 Why did they rush Bin Ladens family out of the country so safely and secretly?

Why did they not let the inspectors finish their investigation at the site?

 Why did they cover the the evidence so quickly?

The building look more like it imploded, like a demolition crew had brought it down. Too many of the reports didn't add up. Illogical did not compute. Even a fellow I Knew was roped in by news cast. He said they found a body in the plane that hit the tower. If a body were in the plane it would have been cremated. The temperature of it burning is sort of a clue. I had to actually explain this to a 20-year-old intelligent man. He came to the conclusion he was in fact an idiot.

 I told him before you are so gullible to believe everything you hear remember, what I taught you. Think??? I taught you to think logically and scientifically, to access the difference between truth and lies.

The first thing that bothered me was the fact the building looked like it imploded. If one knows anything about demolition they would have wondered too. But of course we will never find the truth. A Cover up. Some people will do anything for money.

Just an opinion

Al Qaeda or Al Fayda-
Roots of Global Terror

By Ram Puniyani 23 July, 2005

"These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America's founding fathers." (Ronald Regan while introducing the Mujahideen leaders to media on the White house lawns. (1985)"Americans are asking: why do they hate us? They hate our freedoms-our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other." George W. Bush, in his speech in US Congress in the aftermath of 9/11. (2001)These two statements reflect the so-called transition of freedom fighters of which US administration was proud to the same one's being called enemies of US. When Tony Blair in the aftermath of 7/7 uttered his feelings that our resolve to uphold our values is stronger than their resolve to break it, he was referring to the people with same ideology and politics whom Regan praised to the sky and about whom GW Bush had the totally contrary view.

Writings of a Finnish Military Expert

The photoraphs attached in this non-profit distribution are for securing volatile, important evidence on 911 for discussion and education. Author hereby grants full permission to reproduce the drawing The Bombs in WTC and his writings. You are encouraged to mail, publish and mass produce these documents or your enchanched versions of them. Due to concerns for his personal safety, the author has chosen to remain anonymous.


Bombs in WTC

The development of bomb technology related to 911 operations

Observations pointing to use of mini Hydrogen Bomb

View of a military expert: why did the towers of World Trade Center collapse

Suomalaisen sotilasasiantuntijan kirjoituksia

Näissä asiakirjoissa käytetyt kuvat ovat tärkeitä todisteita 911 keskusteluun ja tiedon vaihtoon. Kirjoittaja lahjoittaa täydet oikeudet monistaa piirrosta ”Pommit WTC tornissa” sekä hänen kirjoituksiaan. Lukijaa rohkaistaan postittamaan, julkaisemaan ja massapostittamaan näitä asiakirjoja tai omia, paranneltuja muunnelmia näistä. Henkilökohtaisen turvallisuutensa vuoksi kirjoittaja on päättänyt pysyä anonyyminä.


Pommit WTC tornissa

Pommiteknologian kehitys liittyen 911-operaatioihin

Minivetypommiin viittaavat havainnot

Sotilasasiantuntijan näkemys: miksi World Trade Centerin tornit sortuivat

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