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UN Links Poverty, Violence against Women The world will never eliminate poverty until it confronts social, economic and physical discrimination against women, the United Nations said Wednesday. "Gender apartheid" could scuttle the global body's goal of halving extreme poverty by 2015, the UN Population Fund's annual State of World Population report said.

Invisible Women - The Fastest Growing Segment of AIDS Epidemic in India "In India, men with HIV get thrown out of their jobs; women with HIV get thrown out of their homes" and become India's invisible women, said Priti Radhakrishnan of the Bangalore chapter of the non-governmental organization, Lawyers' Collective HIV/AIDS Unit, which promotes the fundamental rights of people living with the disease.

Creating  A Slave Is Easy
It Is An Act Of Government,
They Create The Circumstances That Drive People Into Poverty.  Free Trade, WTO, Debt Crisis  World Poverty   Another Way To Create Slavery

Number of homeless students on the rise
Green Bay district strives to provide stable environment
By Cynthia Hodnett
A student’s family can’t afford to pay his fees to enroll in a woodshop class or to replace his worn-out, tattered tennis shoes.
Another student and his family move from house to house because they can’t find affordable housing. In turn, the student misses a lot of school and falls behind academically.
We try to do what we can, but sometimes we have to tell them that there’s nothing we can do," Draheim said. "A lot of community agencies have had their funding cut. The YWCA did day care for teenage moms, but that funding had been cut. When we have teenage moms, I don’t know how we’re going to help them."
Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

What parents need to know
• All children, including those without permanent housing, have the right to attend school and have access to transportation
• Children can enroll in school without a permanent address.
• Children can’t be denied enrollment because school records aren’t available.
• Children may be eligible for free and reduced breakfast and lunch and have their school fees waived.
Source: Green Bay School District

Employed, but homeless
Many homeless adults here and across the country are employed in full-time positions, but they don’t make enough money to cover rent.
A worker must earn $11.29 per hour working full time to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Green Bay, according to a 2004 survey by National Low Income Housing Coalition. Working for the $5.15-per-hour minimum wage, the worker would have to put in 88 hours a week to afford the same apartment.

Homeless students
2004-05: 590 (estimate) A Growing Trend
2003-04: 333
2002-03: 288
2001-02: 271  
2000-01: 270
Source: Green Bay School District

Resource Links. The Poor Are Not Who Or What You May Think They Are.

Poor News Network

Working Poor Become the New Homeless

The Homeless: Working and Still Living on the Streets

People are working and getting an income, but they can't afford to live here," said Sandy Baar, executive director of the Sarasota County Coalition for the Homeless. "That is kind of sad. We need to start thinking livable wage."

"Insuance sharing a piece of mail
Sick and Broke
By Elizabeth Warren
Nobody's safe. That's the warning from the first large-scale study of medical bankruptcy.

Working Poor-

Medicaid budgets undergo surgery
Medicaid budgets undergo surgery
By Stephanie Simon
Los Angeles Times
SIKESTON, Mo. — Hundreds of thousands of poor people across the nation will lose their state-subsidized health insurance in the coming months as legislators scramble to hold down the enormous and ever-escalating cost of Medicaid.
Here in impoverished southeastern Missouri, nurses at a family health clinic stash drug samples for patients they know won't be able to afford their prescriptions after their coverage is eliminated this summer. Doctors try to comfort waitresses, sales clerks and others who soon will lose coverage for medical, dental and mental-health care. Health insurance? That didn't protect 1 million Americans who were financially ruined by illness or medical bills last year.
A comfortable middle-class lifestyle? Good education? Decent job? No safeguards there. Most of the medically bankrupt were middle-class homeowners who had been to college and had responsible jobs -- until illness struck. About 90 percent of all Americans are mortgaged to the hilt, and would have little or no assets left if all debts and liabilities were to be paid.* Most Americans have taken advantage of low interest rates, and are now paying a mortgage on their homes. The booming real estate market has made every purchase profitable, because the price of a home always rises. The problem is that the price of a home today is incredibly over-inflated, and the real estate boom that_s been keeping the American economy afloat, is about to bust. Interest rates are going to rise, and the price of your home is going to drop drastically, which will leave you stuck paying for a house that probably wouldn't pay the interest on your debt if you sold it. If you're lucky enough to remain employed, inflation will shred your paycheck until you can no longer make mortgage payments. This is when you need to remember that when a nation's economy collapses, the wealth of the nation doesn' t disappear, it only changes hands.

Millions of Americans are about to be tossed into the street, and because we're a kinder and gentler America, from the street they'll be tossed into shelters. Once in the shelter, they'll be wards of the social service system, which will make sure they all have food, and a bed to sleep in. In exchange for that food and shelter, the "welfare reform" act will put them to work at jobs where they will collect no additional salary. I guess the idea of "welfare reform" is a lot more acceptable to Americans than "forced labor" but regardless of what you call it, many Americans will soon experience slavery once again, and the slaves are not just sweeping public streets. Under the welfare reform act, many Americans are being put to work for private companies for no wages other than the cost of their food and shelter, both of which constitute the bare minimum requirements of survival. By causing the economy to collapse, and then "saving" the poor, our government can legally force millions of Americans into slavery. The new slavery will be blamed on "the economy," and it will employ a much larger percentage of the population than it did before the civil war.

To understand how they're accomplishing this, we need to turn our thoughts back to our monetary system, because due to the fact that it is no longer based on the gold standard, our government is in control of the money supply, and that gives them the ability to cause rampant unemployment, which is exactly what they're doing. The framers of the U.S. constitution protected us from this brand of tyranny, but because Americans were foolish enough to ignore and/or trust their government, they will become slaves, but most of them will blame themselves for their plight.

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