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It is in the Food We Eat. This is a World Problem.

Monsanto Produced Agent Orange, which is a Herbicide and better Known as Lasso which was used and is still being used in some countries by Farmers, I am not positive so don’t quote me on that. It has profound side affects such as Diabetes, cancer and Spina Bifida and other deformities. The side affects are huge in number and has affected millions around the world. If Roundup is comparable we are in trouble. You are what you eat and it does get into food. When it rains the Herbicide or Pesticide goes into the ground and into the plants and into the fruit or whatever the food part of the plant may be. Then you eat it and become ill. Don’t have to be a genius or rocket scientist to know that one.

A pesticide is a Nerve Gas Pure and simple.

New studies: Monsanto's best selling "safe" pesticide is highly toxic
Source: Organic Consumers Association

Two new peer-reviewed scientific studies have further confirmed the toxicity of glyphosate, the world's most commonly used herbicide. The June 2005 scientific journal "Environmental Health Perspectives" reports that glyphosate, sold by Monsanto under the brand name "Roundup," damages human placental cells at exposure levels ten times less than what the company claims is safe. A study in the August journal Ecological Applications found that even when applied at concentrations that are one-third of the maximum concentrations typically found in waterways, Roundup still killed up to 71 percent of tadpoles in the study.

Similar glyphosate studies around the world have been equally alarming. The American Academy of Family Physicians epidemiological research has now linked exposure to the herbicide with increased risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a life-threatening cancer, while a Canadian study has linked glyphosate exposure with increased risk for miscarriage. A 2002 study linked glyphosate exposure with increased incidence of attention deficit disorder in children. Despite these studies, Monsanto continues to advertise Roundup, sprayed heavily on 140 million acres of genetically engineered crops across the world, as one of the "safest" pesticides on the market.

Organic Consumers Association - 08/2005Related Link:

Learn more and take action Organic Consumers Association

There is more information in Dangerous Chemicals about Monsanto as well at this site.

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