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Mind Power

Blogs and Places to Find News you won't see on The NEWS
Mind Power
Blogs and Places to Find News you won't see on The NEWS
Slavery Alive And Well
Skull & Bones and Nazies
New Orleans and Katrina
Depleted Uranium Kills
Anti War
Germ Warfare
Could Elections Be Fixed
Do You Know The Homeless
Torture Prisons & Profit
They Thought We Wouldn't Find Out
News Updates
Past News Updates
News From Yesterday
Have YOU Been Brain Washed? Questions & Lies
Human Rights Violations
Alternative Food Sources
What They Do To Food
Dangerous Drugs
Dangerous Chemicals
Research Nuclear
Shattered Mirror
Brain Wasting

Great place to meet people from around the world. A great Social Networking place to have fun. If you do decide to join let me know and I can help you get started. Never built a profile I can help. Yuwie is easy to work in. Take a chance. You might even make a bit of money doing what you do at other networks. Post pictures, Music Players, Videos, Blogs, Open Clubs, Meet people, Have Fun. Be prepared to make tons of friends. You can promote whatever, music, money making ideas anything or just hang out and meet some terrific people. It's free to join. No strings attached.

A new group just started. Vital Force Activists Check it out. Face Book is rather cool after you learn how to use stuff. It was created July 12th. It is free to join. I would like to invite you to the group. If you know of anyone else who may like to join feel free to ask them. It was made by one of the members who is rather angry about what happened at For anyone who is or has left because of what happened. New comers are also welcome.

> Vital Force Activists on Facebook

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if you love music, and meeting new people from around the world, this is a great place for you. I listen to music while I snoop around the web. LOL I am sure you will enjoy it too.

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