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What Types of Gruesome Weapons Did Israel Use in Lebanon?

Nada Sayad, Global Research. Originally published by Samidoun Media Center



August 23, 2006

Some doubts have been expressed regarding the use by Israel of Internationally Forbidden Weapons in its war on Lebanon. 

The South Medical Complex in Saida is investigating this matter. It is examining 24 samples from corps that were hit in the area of South Lebanon in a trial to discover the nature of the substances that lead to death.

In a phone call done by "Assafir", the Lebanese local newspaper, Dr. Omar Morabi, the president of the Association of the Lebanese Belgian Friendship in Brussels, said that an mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) would be travelling to to Lebanon with a view taking samples from dead bodies in South Lebanon.

The Association after receiving a report and pictures from Dr. Bachir Cham, the president of the Said Medical Complex, took action and attempted to arrange for a meeting with UN secretary Kofi Anan The Associaiton submitted to Mr. Anan a report together with the pictures.

Dr. Morebi and his colleagues have held a press conference in the European Union head quarter in Brussels and delivered to the international press a full report with attached pictures, in an attempt to activate the file pertaining to the use of poisonous substances. Dr. Azmi Imad , the head of the department of Environmental Health at the American University in Beirut explained that usually the gases that are used in weapons has a similar effect as that of pesticides. But Dr. Imad could not affirm based on the pictures of the victims of the Israeli massacres in the South whether Israel is using chemical or biological (bacterial or viral) weapons in its war on Lebanon.

Those substances are classified per their effects: causes "bubbles" (elevation of the skin that get detached and get filled of the fluid or bulla) on the skin, paralyzes nerves, causes internal hemorrhages, suffocates and prevent breathing and causes deterioration of the skin, lungs and intestines, and others that cause several illnesses. Comparing those substances to pesticides comes from the similarities of their effects: theyparalyze the nerves, block the ability to breathe and may cause internal hemorrhages and bubbles on the skin.

In view of this situation, Dr. Imad instructed that the rescuers of the emergency team should clean the skin from the bubbles, which should be cleaned in normal circumstances with solutions like chlorine or water, but in emergency situations it is possible to remove those bubbles (that are usually like oily spots) with a wooden stick or a similar tool. This cleaning process is essential for the safety of the rescuers and the medical team. This cleaning process is essential to protect the rescuers from being exposed. .

Imad explains that each substance has its own characteristics and symptoms: loosing the ability to breathe resulting in a blue face and lips, high body temperature and muscle cramps, in addition to signs that would only appear after three or four hours. Imad also adds that each substance has its proper cure and he leaves it to the specialists who would provide hospitals and rescuers with information.

Imad affirms that collecting evidence is crucial; it is essential to retrieve samples of the residues not only as biopsy from corpses but also from the scene where the bodies are found to discover the substance used whether chemical or biological. And here he explains that the area affected will remain polluted for at least eight hours. While he points at the fact of the necessity of using gloves and masks if there is any doubts of the existence of the poisoning substances that could spread in the air between 200 and 250 meters away from the exact explosion point.

Have Electro-Magnetic Weapons been used in Lebanon?

There is lack of resources to undertake the underlying examinaiton and tests as to the nature of weapons being used by Israel in Lebanon. In the absence of firm evidence, some worthwhile avenues of investigation have been suggested .

Last May "Ray News 24"- an Italian TV Channel- broadcast a report by journalists in Iraq concerning the use of a new type of experimental weapon. The latter his consists of rays of short electro-magnetic waves similar to the waves produced by the microwave devices used domestically.

This type of ray is aimed at the human target. When the person is hit,  the nerve ends under his skin are affected leading to paralyzis of the nervous system. Moreover, the micor-wave raise the body temperature through heating the water in the cells. Used on live peopel, it's exactly the same process as the the home used microwaves!

The report (that is now being investigated by the Strategic Research Institute in California), a private independent research center, explains that these types of weapons causes the disassembling of the target body parts and the appearance of what looks like burns in different parts of their bodies, while doctors could not find any solid parts of bombs.

Bret Wagner, the head of the Research Insitutute has called this weaponthe Death Ray. Wagner also points in a published article that:  "this weapon works in the speed of light and is able to hit targets from very long distance and expose lives to the microwaves that leads to its explosion.."  This would explain the great damage that doctors have witnessed in examining the corpses.

Yet the TV report on Iraq talks about shrinkage of the body mass of the corpse resulting from the use of this weapon. Wagner also attributes the melted and distorted feature of the cars and buses that were present on the battle scene to the exposure of the electromagnetic rays.

Some reports point to the fact that a similar type of weapon was developed by the Soviet Union. It consisted in a targeted ray of power used in the Soviet-Afghan war (1980-1989)  It had the capacity of penetratating underground into shelters and caves, where it would reach its hidden targets.  The report also explains that when the human target is hit, it results in immediate death through the deterioration of the nervous system and killing of the living cells in the body including bacteria. This would explain mhy the bodies remained well preserved for a period between 30 to 45 days. 

Wagner adds in his report that  Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld  has comfirmed that the US has developed this type of weapon, while stating to  the press that it is still in the initial stages of development. He doesnot deny however  the possibility that may have been tested experimentally by the Military,  without prior approval.  Wagner is now trying to convince the US Congress to prohibit the use of this type of weapon. He also recommends that this weapon should be internationally prohibited because it causes severe pain before death, the criteria adopted by the International Treaties on the Prohibition of Chemical and Poisoned Gas Weapons.

Would that be what Israel is using against us?

What Type of Weapons Israel Uses Against Us In The Assault On Lebanon?

How is Israel killing the Lebanese?

A question that the doctors in the South are trying to find an answer for, since they are receiving the dead bodies of the victims especially those hit by the airplanes on the streets. 

Torn ends, dreadful smell, burn signs without being burned… a quick death caused by a sudden shut down of the nervous system accompanied by the coagulation of the blood which prevents hemorrhage. Some observers have suggested that Israel may be  using some sort of toxic gas or chemical ammunition in the bombs aimed at civilians. .

The "South Medical Complex" has taken the initiative to send biopsies from the victim corpses of the Rmeileh massacre to be examined in order to reveal the truth. 

Awaiting the results "Assafir news paper is in direct communication with doctors and hospitals in the various regions of Lebanon to collect testemonies about the cases they are examining. Some doctors who have examined the corpses killed by air strikes have already noted their astonishment, but could not identify the nature of the cases received either because of the siege, the lack of Laboratory materials or because these are cases never recorded before. While some doctors find it improbable that Israel has used chemical or phosphoric weapons in the war on Lebanon, Lebanese Army sources have mentioned "bombs" with special fillings, some of which are internationally forbidden.

While Dr. Hassan Wazni the manager of the Nabatieh public hospital, has spoken of the possibility that so-called "Emptying Bombs" have been used. These bombs empty the air from body, causing the person to stop breathing and therefore leading to heart immediate failure.

In the mean time, we would need to pursue the inquiry regarding the possible use of "electro-magnetic" weapons by the United States in Iraq.