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Canadian Connections

Anti-Torture Oraganizations
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Anti-Torture Oraganizations
Veterans Anti -War
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Peace and Anti-War
Child poverty Around The World
Geneva Convention
International Law
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Human Rights Oraganizations
Government Connections
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United Nations Critisize Canada On Poverty

Amnesty International UK
UK Take Action Page:
Stop Torture Campaign:
International human rights agency with over 10,000 documents pertaining to human rights online. Browse through Amnesty's country reports and sign up to Amnesty's Stop Torture campaign.

British Medical Association

The BMA re-affirms its support for the Declaration of Tokyo and its condemnation of the practice of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Human Rights Watch
Investigates and exposes human rights violations occurring worldwide. Their website provides an extensive listing of country reports documenting human rights abuse, and a there is a page with information on what you can do to make a difference. You can also support HRW by visiting their film festival in
London during March this year.

International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT)
Based in
Denmark, this organization promotes the treatment and rehabilitation of torture victims globally, and contributes to the prevention of torture. Contact them via the website if you are interested in working for them.

Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture
Provides care and rehabilitation to survivors of torture and other forms of organized violence. You can donate via a Special Day Pack, take out a Visa card with an ethical bank and give as you shop, join a local group or even organize an event yourself. The website has all the info.

Physicians for Human Rights
Coalition of health professionals, scientists and concerned citizens that investigate and prevent violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Membership details are online.

London-based, internationally focused, non-profit legal/human rights organization. Works to obtain reparation for survivors of torture and campaigns for effective remedies where they do not exist. This site has an extensive database of international treaties, laws, case judgments and decisions, as well as informative links. Information on Gift Aid is available online.

Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC)
A coalition of human rights non-governmental organizations that is collectively dedicated to the eradication of torture, and seeks to raise awareness about torture through legislation and other forms of non-violent social action. Click on 'Action' for current campaigns and a list of e-mails/contact details of those we should petition.

World Organization Against Torture
Coalition of non-governmental organizations fighting against arbitrary detention, torture, summary and extra-judicial executions, forced disappearances and other forms of violence. Its global network comprises nearly 300 local, national and regional organizations. Website has information on subscriptions and donations.