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Street Children around the World
In so many lands, the plight of street children is terrible. Street children's lives are threatened; in some countries they are hunted down and shot- in others, they are exploited.


Children of Asphalt
"One third of world's poor children are in India. For long I have tried to photograph them, but it never was easy. First of all, they are not orphans, and their parents always suspect a stranger photographing their children, which is normal. It was only after building a trust relationship of many years that I was able to approach the parents for permission."India's Railway Children
India-Mumbai street children getting addicted to glue, petrol
The financial capital of the country is known for its brightness, stardom and progressive work culture but it has many dark shades also as poverty and abandonment has forced thousands of street children in the city into cheap addiction with the homeless children getting addicted to drink petrol, photocopier solution and sniff glue.

Brazil Street Children Murders
Street Children: More and More Killed Everyday
Brazil has highly progressive children's rights legislation, the world's largest and strongest movement for the rights of street children and was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Why, then, does the ever-growing number of murdered children and adolescents seem to have no end? Why, indeed, are more and more Brazilian children dying while society already has at hand powerful tools for the protection of their rights?

Human Rights Watch: Street Children
Street Children- Africa
What Street Children in Africa face is terrible!

Street Children: Community Children: Africa
Street Children- North America

Street Children: Community Children: North America
US Children in Poverty
(After Children Now posted its Welfare Action Alert last week, it received several requests for more information about the Luxembourg Income Study. Below is an abstract of a New York Times report on the Luxembourg Study produced by Handsnet.)

Thousands of Children Left Homeless Following Major Earthquake in South Asia
Save the Children is moving quickly to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to thousands of Indonesian children and their families impacted by a massive earthquake that rocked south Asia yesterday.
Save the Children is focusing its latest emergency response efforts on Nias and Simeulue-two islands off the coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia--where hundreds of people were killed and many homes destroyed. Nias has a population of over 440,000 and Simeulue a population of 78,000

MOSCOW,  The collapse of the Yeltsin-era Russia into the abyss of nationwide poverty and the overall negative impact of the post-perestroika shock reforms deeply eroded the country's system of moral values and social standards. As a result, adults today frequently vent out their frustration on children. Among other things, analysis of last year's public complaints has revealed that in 40% of all cases under examination children's rights were violated by their parents, as a rule in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Unfortunately, quite a few of Russian cities and towns today lack an office responsible for protection of children's rights. The following statistics was published in the Trud (Labor) newspaper by Alexei Golovan, a commissioner for children's rights in Moscow.

China: From 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 Chinese children are living in city streets to seek an escape from poverty and family problems, reports Kyodo from Beijing quoting the government and UN officials. These children, all under 18 but mostly between eight and 15, are living in underpasses, railway stations or bathhouses in China's larger cities. They go to the cities to seek work shining shoes, selling flowers or begging, according to a report of the United Nations Children's Fund. Most children live around other street children and shun schools or social welfare systems, UNICEF says.Ghana- NYC to train 300 street children in Accra
Ahenkro (Ash), March 30, GNA - The National Youth Council (NYC) is to provide skills training to 300 street children and female porters in the Greater Accra Region in the second quarter of the year. The project if successful, will be extended to other regions of the country.Turkey-Parliament to discuss report on street children
Parliament will also discuss motions for a parliamentary inquiry into bankrupt Islamic holdings
A busy schedule this week awaits Parliament, which will be focusing on a commission report dealing with the problems of street children and motions for a parliamentary inquiry into bankrupt Islamic business holdings.
Africa- Joburg street children to get IDs
The Gauteng MEC of Social Development, Bob Mabaso, and the deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, will on Easter Saturday hand over 200 identity documents to children living and working on the streets in Joubert Park, Johannesburg.Malaysia- Nabbed - 69 kids below12 years roaming S'kan town
Sandakan: A total of 69 street children - all aged below 12 and believed to be foreigners - were hauled in during the Ops Kanak-Kanak Jalanan, which centred on the big market and around the municipality, Wednesday.
Sandakan Municipal Council (MP Secretary, Mohd Hamsan Awang Supain, said 51 of those detained were boys while 18 were girls, all aged below 12.
Pakistan- UN official briefed on Pakistan’s street children
The Information Officer, UN’s Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN), Ankara, Turkey, David Swanson, basically covering Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan visited Azad Foundation.
The main purpose of his visit was to highlight and to write a report on Azad Foundation’s activities, its research work as well as its services for the Street Living Children (SLC) and the problems faced by SLCs especially in Karachi.
Uganda-Street Kids Worry Jinja Municipality
LC chiefs in the Municipality have appealed to the government to construct a remand home in the area for juvenile offenders and street children.
The LC1 chairperson of Lubas Road Village, Ms Deborah Kazoora, told The Monitor at the weekend, "We have tried to resettle them but they come back to the streets."
Kazoora, who is also the Central Division Assistant Children Advocate Coordinator, said there were 200 street children in the division. She expressed fears that it could double if no action was taken.
She said most children came from Jinja, Kayunga, Kamuli and some from Bushenyi district. "We talk to them and ask them where they come from and many tell us they are from within. They even take us to their homes," she said.
She said many children are seduced by colleagues to live a 'free" life on the streets. She said many were being used by adults to terrorise residents at night by breaking into houses.

(IRIN) - The Republic of Congo's (ROC) Ministry of Social Affairs announced on Saturday that it would set up a committee to coordinate activities aimed at rehabilitating street children, whose numbers have increased dramatically over the last 10 years.
"The situation has become worrying in Congo, and the solution to the problem will involve educating and reevaluating the family," participants agreed at a meeting held in the capital, Brazzaville.
Vietnam- Volunteers devote time to teaching street children in Dalat
Six young teachers from Dalat city have helped bring hope to poor children in Dalat city by offering free classes to teach them how to read and write.
Volunteer Dong Suong set up the first classroom with more than 10 students, said another teacher Tran Tien Thinh, and now there are classes from grade one to six for children of all ages.
Kenya-Flower of Africa: A Curse That's Blowing in the Wind
NAIROBI, Kenya, April 1 - Surrounded by all the asphalt and car fumes of this overgrown African capital, hidden among the tin-roof shacks in the sprawling slums and the forested parklands, there are some rather beautiful blooms.
In and around overpopulated Nairobi, one can spot the tiny purple and white flowers of the knotweed, or the bright yellow blooms of the blackjack weed or the elongated appendages of the devil's horsewhip. "The beauty and almost infinite variety of our wildflowers is one of the greatest pleasures for the traveler in East Africa," Teresa Sapieha wrote in her 1989 book "Wayside Flowers of East Africa."
Ghana-24 street children complete skills training
Mrs Akosua Frema-Opare, Deputy Minister of Manpower, Youth and Employment, on Tuesday said the street children component of the Community Based Poverty Reduction Programme would end in December this year.
She was speaking at the graduation of a second batch of 24 trainees under the street children project at the Centre For National Culture (CNC) at Fijai, near Takoradi.
The trainees underwent two months training in kente weaving, carpentry, bamboo crafts and ceramics.
Mrs Frema-Opare said the project targeted to provide employable skills to some 3000 street children at a cost of 2.3 million dollars. She said so far, 1085 females and 651 male street children have been equipped with employable skills.
Kabul street children may lose 'nest' 
Children at the Aschiana centre, Kabul
Many of Aschiana's children lost their parents in the wars
Afghanistan's internationally renowned charity for street children, Aschiana, survived the Afghan wars of the 1990s and the Taleban era.
However, the free market economics of Kabul's post-war boom now seem a more potent enemy than rockets and bombs.
Durban, South Africa- Street Children Gone

Durban's street children have been rounded up and taken out of the city while Tourism Indaba 2005 is on.
Residents and business people on the beachfront and in the city centre have been asking where the children have disappeared to after they vanished from their usual haunts late last week.
South Africa- the pain of life on the streets
Bongi* looks about 12 years old, although she says she is 16.
She does not want to talk of her parents or her hometown as she does not like it. This little girl is to be found in all parts of the city, accompanied by street boys. At first she would run away when we approached her, teasing us like a little child would do.

Fil-Am and street children —victims many times over
Poverty is the look of perpetual hunger on the face of Angelino, 11, as he pokes the dubious contents of a tin can that serves as a cooking pot. He begs to feed his six brothers and sisters but could hardly feed himself. His parents are human wrecks.
Under a low-concrete bridge on the riverbank of Olongapo City, a dozen street children have made their home among the concrete pillars and somehow survive amid the disease-ridden garbage.

Overseas Vietnamese brings children art exhibition to life
The artistic paintings by Vietnamese street children currently on exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City would have likely not been made without the enthusiasm, encouragement and heart of one Vietnamese-American student.
Of the more than 100 paintings at the Metropolitan Building from June 24 to 29, 40 are created by Vietnamese street children. But, their paintings would have probably never been exposed to the public if it wasn’t for the help of Shoshana Diem Hoang.