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Weapons of mass destruction thrown into the sea years ago present danger now - and the Army doesn't know where they all are?


The Army's secret ocean-dumping program spanned decades, from 1944 to 1970.

At least 64 million pounds of liquid mustard gas and nerve agent in 1-ton steel canisters were dumped into the sea, along with a minimum of 400,000 chemical-filled bombs, grenades, landmines and rockets - as well as radioactive waste, the reports indicate.

"It would be inevitable, I assume, all of this will be released into the ocean at some point or another," said Williams, who has fought Army plans to incinerate some of the 44 million pounds of chemical weapons the country still has stockpiled. "I don't think anyone knows for sure the true danger. It's just a matter of opinion. You can say, 'It's going to kill everyone,' or you can say, 'It's not a problem.' The truth is somewhere in between."

This is an older story but I have found that many don't know about it.


Tons of information Here
You will have to join to view the stories but there is a lot of information there.

Information included is:

William R. Brankowitz
Jan 30, 1989
Off-Shore Disposal of Chemical Agents and Weapons Conducted by the United States
Compiled by the U.S. Army Historical Research and Response Team
Mar 29, 2001
Chemical Weapons Movement History Compilation
William R. Brankowitz
Apr 27, 1987


SPECIAL REPORT, PART 1: The Deadliness Below
Weapons of mass destruction thrown into the sea years ago present danger now - and the Army doesn't know where they all are.
In the summer of 2004, a clam-dredging operation off New Jersey pulled up an old artillery shell.
These are the chemicals of warfare
Here are some of the chemical weapons that the Army dumped into the sea. The artillery rounds and steel containers that they're in are likely to be corroding and unstable. They present a deadly risk.
What's Off Virginia? 'There's No Guarantee'
Large quantities of chemical weapons were dumped off the state's coast. Watermen and environmentalists are fearful and demand answers.
Lurking off Virginia are tens of thousands of mustard gas shells and hundreds of tons of radioactive waste in at least five ocean dump zones created by the Army decades ago.
Of Clamshells, Artillery Shells
Mustard gas ordnance dredged from the sea was found in a driveway in the summer of 2004. Three bomb disposal experts were injured.
Homeowners have been finding military ordnance in their clamshell driveways in Delaware and Maryland for the last year.
SPECIAL REPORT, PART 2: The Deadliness Below
Overseas, fishermen have been hurt by chemical weapons the United States secretly sank, from the Riviera to Australia.
As World War II drew to a close, the Army was faced with scant storage space in ordnance depots at home and huge chemical weapons stockpiles overseas.
Navy conventional weapons dumping: Unsafe dumping
The Navy disposed of surplus rockets, bombs and other explosives at sea by blowing up ships packed with the old weapons.
A beachgoer in Rehoboth Beach walked up to a lifeguard in July with two strange objects in his hand and a stranger request on his lips.
Letters to the editor (Nov. 4, 2005): The Pentagon's response on dumping
For a half century, the United States maintained a stockpile of chemical agents and munitions for possible use in wartime. The recent Daily Press series "Special report: The deadliness below" did not emphasize that today the U.S. Army is eliminating this arsenal in safe and environmentally responsible ways.
House to probe chemical dumping
Congress looks at the Army's dumping of chemical weapons in the sea. Other countries and environmentalists want answers as well.
Federal lawmakers are demanding the Army reveal everything it knows about where it dumped chemical weapons into the world's oceans, as well as provide proof the munitions won't leak and cause an environmental catastrophe.
Dredging up a long-buried secret
The Army will study a chemical weapon inadvertently brought ashore to assess risks of ocean dumps.
The Army hopes to learn more about the risks from ocean-dumped chemical weapons by testing and dismantling an artillery shell filled with mustard agent that was dredged up in October off the coast of New Jersey.
DOD orders Army to find dumpsites
A high-ranking official promises a comprehensive effort to locate long-lost chemical weapons.
The military is plowing through old records to find any and all information on the Army's ocean dumping of chemical weapons decades ago, a high priority effort to determine where they all are located and what danger they pose today.



This story is old you think? Not really Children were born with deformities. One little girl was born with a piece of her spin missing. One was born with no arms or legs. Children were getting cancer. Women were having miscarriages.

Casper is a terrible Chemical. Corporate Frames were spraying 300 million pounds of pesticides on the fields every year. 300 thousand farm workers were poisoned. In the area of Fowler, Earlymart and McFarland. The EPA said it could take up to thirty years to eliminate all the toxic pesticides, as there had been over 50,000 registered and one can only guess how many are toxic. Herbicides can be just as toxic as any pesticide. Agent Orange is a Herbicide and has a multitude of long term harmful affects,  Cancer, Diabetes, Spina Bifida and many more. I have to wonder how many toxic herbicides are still in use. It can take a few years before you become ill, but it will happen.

If you believe washing your fruits and veagtable is going to get rid of the pesticides and herbicides you are wrong. They spray the plants, trees , vines or whatever. It rains. The chemicals from the plants go into the ground. Up the root system into the plant and end up in the fruit or vegetables. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. You are what you eat.

No Grapes!  For Full Story

by Amanda Atwood

In a self-sacrificing act of protest, 42 hunger strikers began demonstrating in the Main Quad on the morning of May 4, 1994, some camping under tents and banners for three days, to voice their demands and ther support.

The Pesticide Monitor

It Happens Around The World. Some reports on other areas of the World.

First Report   And  Second

No grapes, but what about strawberries?

by Lauren O'Brien

Well, the problem is not so much with strawberries as it is with agri-business in general, but the strawberry industry is particularly bad. Why? Well, the conditions in the field are unsafe and labor abuses are rampant. And, the strawberry workers are not unionized so they do not have an effective way of negotiating with the growers for improvements in these conditions.

Left overs from Agent Orange are a nightmare

Agent Orange:
"Collateral Damage" in Viet Nam
January 2003
by Philip Jones Griffiths

News stories -Agent Orange

Published June 17, 2007
DANANG, Vietnam - More than 30 years after the Vietnam War ended, the poisonous legacy of Agent Orange has emerged anew with a scientific study that has found extraordinarily high levels of health-threatening contamination at the former U.S. air base at Danang.

Vietnam blames the US dioxin-contained defoliants for widespread health problems and birth defects, a claim backed by physicians and military veterans' groups from several countries including the US.
Vietnam says that between 1961 and 1971 the US military dropped more than 100,000 tons of toxic chemicals on southern Vietnam, exposing between 2.1 million and 4.8 million people many of whom, together with their progeny, suffer from a range of illnesses and birth defects.
According to a study presented at the conference, those exposed to dioxin were 14 times likelier to see birth defects in their children.


CBCNEWS  For Full Story

Civilians want compensation for chemical spraying at N.B. base

CBC News revealed on Monday that a U.S. army report shows a herbicide called Agent Purple, considered three times more toxic than the cancer-linked Agent Orange, was sprayed on the base in 1966.

The sites below have an enomous amount of information.

Causes Diabetis too and and and............. Side Affects Galore

More  On Herbicides

And More  On Herbicides

CTVNEWS For Full Story

Heat and smog kill thousands in Canada: study

A new study shows the combined impact of extreme hot and cold temperatures and air pollution is killing thousands of people a year in four Canadian cities.

Bush Administration Tells Taxpayers to Pay for Mining Companies' Toxic Pollution 

United Nations   The ticking time bomb: toxic pesticide waste dumps

Killing legally with toxic waste  This has a lot of  information.


Unlimited Toxic Waste Dumps Allowed on Public Lands
Mining corporations, many of which are not even American, receive huge welfare handouts from U.S. taxpayers in the form of access to public land at far less than the market value. Billions of dollars' worth of precious metals and other natural resources have been taken from public land, without any compensation to U.S. taxpayers.

Corporate Welfare Bums

Map  of US Toxic Sites

Loads of information

Map of Toxic waste


War Vets   Directory

Gulf War Vets

US is back in Buisness of Nuclear Bombs

US back in nuclear bomb-making business

The United States says it has regained the capability to make nuclear weapons for the first time in 14 years and has resumed production of plutonium parts for bombs.

The Energy Department's announcement on Tuesday marks a symbolic and operational milestone in rebuilding America's nuclear weapons complex, which began a long retrenchment in the late 1980s as the Cold War ended and the toll of environmental damage from bomb production became known.

Under a Bush Administration plan, the Energy Department will begin limited production of plutonium parts for the country's stockpile of nuclear weapons and begin laying plans for a new factory that could produce parts for hundreds of weapons a year.

The Energy Department's previous Rocky Flats site in Colorado was shut down after serious violations of environmental laws and the FBI raided the plant.

Nuclear Stock Piles  NRDC

Wikipedia  Weapons of mass destruction

Agent Orange

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