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Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library

Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library

By Matthew Rothschild

Tim Coil served in the first Gulf War and now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On March 12, he and his wife, Yvette, went to the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library in Ohio. At 37, she is a student at Kent State and needed to study for a biology test. Tim, 40, was reading some books.

Then they noticed two military recruiters trying to enlist someone in a nearby room, with a large glass window.

She decided to take action.

She took out some 3x5 cards and wrote messages to the man being recruited and then put them up on the window sill.

For the rest of story



This is just absolutely unacceptable. A war vet being charged for a crime that doesn’t exist. This is appalling.

Go here to support Tim and write a few letters Please. He did nothing wrong and should never have been charged. He should be commended for his courage.

Trial date is June 5, 2007



What are the police thinking?
I support her husband’s decision. He is to be congratulated for his efforts to keep his freedom of speech. It's people like Yvette and Tim that make a difference. He has been charged with a crime that really doesn't exist. All he did was use his freedom of speech in a correct manner. He did nothing wrong.
This should not happen to anyone.
I suppose if the KKK put up posters at the Library they would be left there no problem. Seems they have more rights then people like Yvette and Tim. That is a shame.
Libraries have become a target of the Bush Gov. Seems all the good people in American are now his targets. Imagine Recruiters having a Vet thrown in jail. Now that is just pathetic on their part.


I think letting your member of Congress about this would not be out of line either.

Use your Imagination.

This is a link for addresses for media- talk shows - congress -newspapers.


Focus: Governments
Action Request: Protest
Location: World


www.unitedforpeace.org | 212-868-5545 | Click to subscribe

If you are having trouble viewing this message, please click here

It takes courage to say that you will not fight -- especially if you are a soldier. As more members of the U.S. military step forward for peace, the peace movement must step forward to support them.

Large numbers are now refusing to serve: The Department of Defense estimates that there are about 8,000 AWOL service members. The GI Rights Hotline (800-394-9544) is currently receiving about 3,000 calls a month.

Most importantly, a growing number of soldiers are speaking out, against the illegality and immorality of the Iraq war and the orders they are being told to carry out. These brave men and women are risking jail time and their futures to stand up against the war.

Here are two of the growing number of resisters, click here for a fuller list:

Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse to deploy to Iraq, had been facing more than seven years in prison for criticizing the president in a public speech, until the charge of "contempt toward the President" was rescinded following public outcry. He still faces up to four years in prison; his trial is set to begin on Feb. 5, 2007.

A federal appeals court is currently reviewing Army medic Spc. Agustín Aguayo's case and considering whether to overturn the Army's decision to deny him conscientious objector status. If Aguayo's appeal is successful, it will be a historic victory; if it fails, Aguayo could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

The stories of returning combat veterans helped turn the tide and end the war in Vietnam. Today's war resisters are providing critical first-hand knowledge of the horror and illegality of the Iraq war. Each servicemember who has spoken out against the war in Iraq has inspired more war resisters to come forward.

What You Can Do:

  • Keep war resisters' cases in the media: Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper or call into radio talk shows and talk about their cases;

  • Organize a war resister solidarity event in your area: Invite a war resister or someone working on a war resister's case to speak at a public event;

  • Keep pressure on the military to treat war resisters fairly: Write letters to officials at the base where a resister is being held and/or his or her case is being tried;

  • Write letters of personal support: See websites listed below for details;

Visit our website and those listed below for the latest news on war resisters' cases and more specific information on how best to help them:



To support this powerful effort, sponsored by UFPJ member groups Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, and Military Families Speak Out, write letters to the editors of your local newspapers and to your congressional representatives bringing this campaign to their attention, and urging them to listen to these courageous soldiers.


No Bravery, Only Sadness in your Face

The Story of Blake Miller, Iraq War Veteran

No Bravery video

The Story of Blake Miller, Iraq War Veteran
(aka: Marlboro Man)

Stories of those who have said NO TO WAR
They talk about how recruiters lied.
The talk about the horrors of war.
They talk about being sent to a war that is illegal.
They talk about killing innocent civilians,including children.
They talk about many things.
We should listen to their words.

Mind Control


Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips video 1 hour 57 Minutes



Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips video 1 hour 57 Minutes  This is extremely Informative. I went on a surfing spree looking for some more information after I was finished watching it.  Keep an open mind. Seems they want to control everything even your mind.


Mind Control Summary
The Secrets of Mind Control



The work of the mind control doctors did not occur in a vacuum. The importation of Nazi doctors to the US through secret programs like PAPERCLIP is part of the context. Mind control experimentation was not only tolerated by medical professionals, but published in psychiatric and medical journals. [24] The climate was permissive, supportive, and approving of mind control experimentation. BB 1

Dr. William Sweet [25] participated in both brain electrode implant experiments and the injection of uranium into medical patients at Harvard University. The 925-page Final Report. Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments [26] tells the story of radiation experiments, and their linkage to mind control. BB 1

Some of the Nazis Recruited by the US,  Information on Paper Clip


 Project Paperclip: Nazi Scientists Who Performed Human Experimentation in the U. S.




                 CIA Use of Nazi Research


The following are not all Nazi war criminals hired to work

for the U.S. though several are. All of them worked with

such, and/or worked at similar unethical experiments.



Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.  Ex head CIA Chemical Biological Warfare

     program. Testified in congressional hearings about

     developing a system of running a pipe under a target's

     door to deliver incapacitating, poisonous or suggestibility

     increasing gas.



Dr. Ray Teichler.   Gottlieb's assistant, and CIA liason aty

     Edgewood Arsenal. Assistant to Edgewood Medical Laboratories

     division of human experimentation director.



Karl Tauboeck.   Nazi scientist constulting for the CIA.


Friedrich Hoffman.   Nazi scientist consulting for the CIA.



Otto Ambrose.   Worked for J. Peter Grace.



Dr. Albert Klingman.   Participated in joint CIA/Army program

     at Edgewood, got prison inmates for these experiments;

     also had a climatic control chamber.



Edgewood Arsenal.   Run by U.S. Army Chemical Corps, which

     had acquired 8 Nazi scientists.



Dr. Robley Evans.   Radiation in WW II, using some data from

     ongoing Nazi radiation experiments on humans, mostly by

     Dr. Boris Rajewski.  Asked for conscientious objectors

     to be sent to him for this.



Dr. Boris Rajewski.   Nazi radiation experimentor.



Gerhard Schubert.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to

     the U.S.



Hermann Daenzer.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to

     the U.S. 



Wolfgang Luther.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to

     the U.S.



Dieter Strang.   Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to

     the U.S.



Arthur Demnitz.  Nazi radiation experimentor, brought to

     the U.S. 



Dr. Robert Stone.   Also requested and used Nazi data incl.

     Rajewski's report, later with Dr. Evans on the Nuclear

     Energy Propulsion for Airplanes Advisory Committee which

     tried to bring Rajewski to the U.S.


     Evans and Stone did classified radiation weapon development

     research for the AEC and military. Evans secretly a CIA

     consultant for their project to use radiation as a means

     of killing just one person.



Col. Boris Pash.   Started CIA radiation warfare research,

     had made CIA assassination teams from Nazi recruits,

     directed the Alsos Mission to locate and whitewash useful

     Nazi war criminals, and siezed 70,000 tons of uranium ore

     and radium.



Dr. Webb Haymaker.   Co-authored a book with Nazi scientist

     Hubertus Strughold. Co-developed Boron Neutron Capture

     Therapy (BNCT) from CIA ideas to use radiation to affect

     brain centers. They consulted with him on this.


     Boron is injected, and a neutron beam aimed at it in the

     brain, causing a "tiny nucear explosion." NO CURES,

     most patients died.



Dr. William Swee.   Co-developed BNCT. Worked in 1933 and 1934

     in Nazi Germany, observed sterilization of unwitting

     epileptics by aiming radiation at their genitals from under

     a desk they were told to sit at, yet though he called

     this "outrageous behavior," he never revealed this to

     war crimes investigators.



And if you think that the all-wise CIA must be excuseable

as being privy to knowledge or having special competence we

do not, consider this:


     "Think of it: thirty billion dollars a year goes to an

     intelligence establishment that cannot hire one spy in

     the south end of Mogadishu to pinpoint the location of

     a famous warlord who gives press interviews and

     broadcasts radio statements of defiance. Somalia has

     exposed the weakness of U.S. defense intelligence."

          - William Safire, N.Y. TIMES, Oct. 7, 1993 p. A29.


Cost of the War in Iraq
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 G8 Protests In London and Rostock


London march urges G8 action on debt, climate




Protesters, police clash after Rostock anti-G8 demo Ruters the same as the others



On their website, organizers emphasized that they wanted a peaceful protest. They added, however: "This may be different with the actions following later in the week of protest."



Independent media report: -

http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/06/02/18423868.php  Very Detailed report

Timeline of Events

http://de.indymedia.org/2007/06/180311.shtml  Very detailed report

Reports - more violence on Monday


Rostock G8 Samstag Video


G8 Rostock part II  Video


Police violence at G8 protest Rostock, Germany


Protesters raise their hands to police (Quicktime video)


Marching band


People Dancing


More violence (Quicktime video)


G8 Protests – throwing stones


Pictures of Saturday's Protests






Anti-Globalization Protests in Germany Clouded by Violence


Protests turn violent ahead of G-8 summit

Has slide show and video



Sky News Video







G8 2007 Protest Trailer  December 09, 2006


F*** G8 (graphic images)  March 13, 2007


I had some wonderful help with this.




The Number of Guns sold in the US every year is staggering. Millions of guns. Are they really needed? The sellers try to make you believe they will make you safer. This in fact is not true.  The more people toting guns around in their pockets or purses the more dangerous it is for everyone.  Hand guns especially are not needed. Thinking it will save your life is a myth.

Gun Contol Is Not In Control, The Crimminals are.If you have to be on a Black List  this is the one to be on.  Become a member of the Black List. 

Help Pass Sensible Gun Laws

Congratulations. Thanks to your help and our law enforcement allies, the Florida legislature enacted a new law to extend the state's background check on gun buyers.

Now we need your help to strengthen Florida's gun laws and close loopholes that help criminals get guns.
Gun Related Crimes

Fact Sheets On GunsCrime Rate

Gun-related death more likely in U.S.: Statscan

CTV.ca News Staff

According to Statistics Canada, the stereotype rings true: Canadians are far less likely to be killed with a gun than their American counterparts.

In a new study released Tuesday called Deaths Involving Firearms, the agency says that in 2000, the rate of Canadian homicides involving firearms was just 0.5 out of every 100,000 people. The rate in America was almost eight times higher, or 3.8 per 100,000.

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