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Planting Trees For Food

I am a Herbal Practitioner.

If one has to plant a tree, why not plant one that will provide you with food.

I have a short story that is rather cute. I have a squirrel that comes to visit me during the summer. He is the cutest little fellow you could ever imagine. He is even a bit bossy. If I forget to put out his peanuts he gets pretty snappy with me. Boy does he give me a piece of his little mind.

One day I went outside and in his cranky, chattering, bossy,  I know your pissed off tone,  giving me heck. I knew what he was saying. So in response I told him "We have a deal ya little brat and you haven’t kept up your end of the bargain. Where are my walnuts? " I promptly went back into the house scoffing. "Around here you work for what you get. You know that. No free rides, you have to do your part and we had a deal." 

About two hours latter I came out and low and behold there were seven walnuts under my maple tree. Well of course I went and got him his peanuts and set them out for him. Thnking to myself, "Much Better."

He now also plants the seeds in my garden. When the walnut trees are old enough I give them to my friends. They provide food, for human consumption as well as the little animals and the birds can have a new home in them. They are beautiful shade trees. They can also be used in Herbal Medicine.

My lawn is filled with plants I use for food and herbal medicine. (example) The Dandelion. Loaded with minerals and vitamins. They also grow when there is a lack of rain and they take absolutely no care to maintain. One year someone asked me why my lawn was so green when everyone else’s had Died from lack of rain. "Go Take a look. My lawn is full of weeds. A Herbal paradise." Many medicines are made from plants. Weeds can be your best friends.

Sometimes you are standing on what you have been looking for.

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