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Dangerous Drugs/Experiments on Children

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Pfizer Faces Criminal Charges For Conducting Experiment on Nigerian Children

Pfizer, the company that acknowledged criminal marketing of Neurontin (2004), the company that paid millions of dollars in settlements for failing to disclose the suicide risks of its antidepressant, Zoloft, now faces criminal charges by the government of Nigeria for criminal testing of a lethal antibiotic that is known to cause liver damage, Trovan (trovafloxan), on children leading to untold deaths.

Nearly all US doctors have links with drug companies: study


Prozac and killing


Other drugs and killers

Virginia Tech Massacre. Why? Antidepressants... again?

And a story about Cory another young man who was messed up by Paxil. And more kids telling their stories.


Impact This is about someone who just wanted to be liked. Something that should make you think.


Dusty and the Boys. The CIA Narco-Republicans 5,5 Tons of Cocaine CIA caught with their hand in the cookie jar.


Hidden Agenda behind the "War on Terrorism":
US Bombing of Afghanistan restores Trade in Narcotics


The Homeland Security Rackets
 Mexico & U.S. Ruling Parties Ties to Blow Bust


UNCDP, Afghanistan, Opium Poppy Survey, 2001,


UNDCP, Afghanistan, Opium Poppy Survey, Pre-Assessment, 2002,



The Silencing of Carol Lam  CIA Investigation

Jean Duffy


CIA and Drugs


Questions over Zyprexa Clinical Trial Data Underscores Need for Congress to Act Now on Drug Safety Legislation

It can cause Diabetes

Drug Experiments Still Happening to Children

In New York’s Washington Heights is a 4-story brick building called Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC). This former convent houses a revolving stable of children who’ve been removed from their own homes by the Agency for Child Services. These children are black, Hispanic and poor. Many of their mothers had a history of drug abuse and have died. Once taken into ICC, the children become subjects of drug trials sponsored by NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease, a division of the NIH), NICHD (the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) in conjunction with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies – GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, Chiron/Biocine and others.

This article deals with pharmaceutical abuse in a children’s home in NYC. This piece was investigated and written in summer through winter of 2003 and published in January 2004, with occaisional updates. The story broke wide in early 2004, with coverage in the New York Post and the New York Press. It served as the basis of investigation for the BBC film "Guinea Pig Kids," and has prompted further investigation by the Associated Press - as well as a pointed attack by the New York Times. The investigation is ongoing.

The treatment of patients at ICC currently violates every one of the ethical standards for medical experiments set out by international courts after World War 2.

  • The children at ICC are enrolled in drug trials without their knowledge,
  • And without the consent of their parents or guardians.
  • The experiments are neither safe nor necessary.
  • The drugs used are known to cause disability and death.
  • Children who refuse the drugs are force fed, then surgically altered.

Is this acceptable behavior? Or do we need another Nuremberg Trial to remind ourselves how to be civilized?


Kind of reminds me of what the Nazies did to the Jews.

Jacklyn Hoerger's job was to treat children with HIV at a New York children's home.  But nobody had told her that the drugs she was administering were experimental and highly toxic.

Seems they have been doing trials in other places as well.


Children are still being experimented on in the US. Many children are still being put into Foster Care and drugged.

These parents need help. They are having their children removed from their care and many of them do not abuse their children. The children are being used in drug trials. Considering they are being accused of abuse it makes their  plight even greater. Nobody wants to believe them. I did another blog on this earlier this is a follow up.

Drug companies are testing drugs on children and other innocent victims in other countries.  


Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists

America was rudely awakened to a new kind of danger on September 11, 2001: Terrorism. The attacks that day left 2,996 people dead, including the passengers on the four commercial airliners that were used as weapons. Many feel it was the most tragic day in U.S. history.

Four commercial jets crashed that day. But what if six jumbo jets crashed every day in the United States, claiming the lives of 783,936 people every year? That would certainly qualify as a massive tragedy, wouldn't it?

Well, forget "what if." The tragedy is happening right now. Over 750,000 people actually do die in the United States every year, although not from plane crashes. They die from something far more common and rarely perceived by the public as dangerous: modern medicine.


U.S. pharmaceutical companies and the FDA responsible for 100 times as many Americans deaths as terrorists

Is the FDA seriously suggesting that the next wave of terrorists are going to target cholesterol drugs? Are we going to have prescription drugs that are laced with toxic chemicals that cause patients to suddenly die? And if we do, how would we tell the difference between the patients that are already dying from taking prescription drugs? This is no joke: if we have 100,000 people being killed each year by prescription drugs right now -- according to the Journal of the American Medical Association -- at what point are we supposed to notice that even more people are dying from prescription drugs laced with toxic chemicals? The prescription drugs themselves are already toxic!

With 100,000 deaths and at least 2,000,000 injuries each year being caused by legal prescription drugs in the United States, it's hard to imagine how a terrorist could add any more terror to that equation. Even 9/11 doesn't compare with the terrible statistics of prescription drugs.

Americans fed up with drug industry influence, FDA corruption, reveals remarkable Consumer Reports survey

New rules proposed by the FDA would reduce this level of corruption by allowing doctors to receive a maximum of $50,000 per year from companies impacted by their decisions. (Thereby making the FDA numerically less corrupt than it is now, but still tolerating blatant conflicts of interest. It's like setting a "bribery ceiling.")

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma: same tactics, different chemicals

With Big Tobacco we saw the suppression of studies that said nicotine was addictive, or of studies linking the inhalation of tobacco smoke to lung cancer. In the pharmaceutical industry, we see even worse distortions of clinical studies. We see studies that are designed to minimize the appearance of negative risks associated with these drugs, such as heart attacks, stroke, mental disorders, suicide attempts, and violent behavior. Even after studies are completed, the results are highly distorted as well. Drug companies pick and choose which studies they want to publish. They may do twelve different studies on a particular drug, and if six of them say the drug is safe and effective, while the other six studies say the drug is dangerous and useless from a medicinal point of view, they pick the six they want and bury the others. They forward the six they want to the FDA. The FDA looks at those six and says, "This sure is scientific!", and they approve that drug application. I'm not making this up.




TeenScreen - Normal Kids Labeled Mentally Ill

The list of mental disorders to chose from when diagnosing children mentally ill with TeenScreen, are "voted" into the Billing Bible by members of the American Psychiatric Association, and include, among others, conduct disorder, avoidant personality disorder, mathematics disorder, reading disorder, disorder of written expression, general anxiety disorder, nightmare disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and factious disorder.


In 2003, seventeen-year-old, Julie Woodward, took a test at North Penn High School, in North Wales, Pennsylvania, that said she was suffering from depression and two doctors convinced her parents, Tom and Kathy Woodward, to put her on Zoloft.

Julie's parents say they watched as her behaviors got steadily worse as soon as she began taking the drug. On the third day, Julie was arguing with her mother, and all of a sudden pushed her mother down to the floor.

Everyone in the family was shocked because Julie had never been violent before. 'It was an out-of-character act,' Tom Woodward notes.

Over the next few days, the usually calm Julie, became extremely irritable, could not sit still, and began pacing incessantly. She also became reclusive, her parents recall.

Six days after she began taking Zoloft, Julie hanged herself in the family's garage. Since their daughter's suicide, Tom and Kathy have become activists and have work diligently in attempt to educate others parents about the dangers of SSRIs.



Stop TeenScreen's Unscientific and Experimental "Mental Health Screening" of American School Children

Massive medical fraud exposed: pharmaceutical company paid doctors to prescribe drugs and run sham clinical trials

Prescription drugs are so profitable -- some drugs are now sold at more than 500,000% markup over the actual cost of their raw ingredients -- that drug companies will do practically anything to sell more pills. They invent fictitious diseases and urge doctors and parents to dose their children with powerful narcotics. They conduct fraudulent clinical trials, making sure to bury any negative results that would show how dangerous their drugs really are. They buy the favor of the media by pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into magazine, television, newspaper and online advertising. They pressure the FDA into delaying the ban on extremely dangerous drugs in order to squeeze out another twelve months of profits even while patients are dying from drug-induced liver failure.



Death By Medicine

Statin Drugs -Are you aware of dangerous side affects
Current mood:

A lot of information but the personal experinces are enlightning.

Statin Experiences
Personal Accounts from Readers
Libido and Statins
Depression and Statins
Neuropathy and Statins
Muscle Pain and Statins

Neurodegenerative Diseases and Statins
Forgetfulness, Disorientation, Confusion and Statins
Lack of Energy and Statins

Skin Rashes and Statins
Alcohol and Statins
Gout and Statins

Lipitor class action lawsuits expand; Pfizer cover-up alleged

Lipitor the Human Cost

Statin Effects Survey Page

If anyone has taken statin drugs you should be aware of some of the horrid side affects. I will be posting more latter. Pharma companies are making billions on these drugs. If you have any other sites please post them.



Nearly all US doctors have links with drug companies: study


Videos at YOU TUBE

Prozac and Killing


Other Drugs and Killers

Virginia Tech Massacre. Why? Antidepressants... again?

And a story about Cory another young man who was messed up by Paxil. And more kids telling their stories.


Impact This is about someone who just wanted to be liked. Something that should make you think.

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