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Mind Power

Have YOU Been Brain Washed? Questions & Lies

Mind Power
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Have YOU Been Brain Washed? Questions & Lies
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Brain Wasting

Brain Washed

To fathom the unscrupulous nature

To understand the ignorance

In as much as there is no reality

There will be belief

Poor mind bent souls

How manipulated they have become

How easily they are now lead

The evil is that of man

Not natures truth

How do we then undo this?

Is it possible to reverse?

Can they be returned to the truth?

Or are they lost forever

Their world is no longer real

Just a fabrication of insanity

Are they so lost??????

Old as the dark night

The mind warping have accomplished their goal

To control ones mind is to lose your very soul

To have them permeate your thoughts

To inject their mass fabrications

Who knows the Answers to the Questions?

WHO should we be protecting?
WHO has been peddling their ''Saint or else Satan'' religions to the War Orphans of the world? Arming them and turning children against their own families by calling God's Creation, ''Born Sinners'', ''Nonbelievers'' and ''Heathens destined for hell.'' ? WHO told you Nuclear Bombs and Delpeated Urainum are SAFE?
WHO Murdered and stole the land from Aboriginal Indians in North America, South America and Africa, and used germ warfare to kill millions of them?
WHO Slaughtered half the poplation of Europe in the name of Christ?   WHO Torchered and Murdered Witches?
WHO Slaughtered the people of Hawaii with their Muskets and their syphylis?
WHO Slaughtered 6 million Jews ?
WHO Proliferated the guns to "Maintain the balance of power" (and destruction) between those villages they have corrupted and turned against each other? WHO make the Profits?
WHO turned North against South in Viet-Nam and Korea for OUR war with ''communism'' at the expense of THIER Lives?.
WHO put Israel into Palestine in 1948?
WHO put Israeli tanks, gunships and nuclear missles into Palestine?
WHO Put the Shah in Iran (a dictator) to replace their democracy?
WHO built Christian missions in Iran and Iraq to turn war orphans against their Muslim populations?  WHO ran the Christian Schools in Cananda that murdered, raped, and brainwashed the children.
WHO bought the oil and put Saddam into power?
WHO turned Iran against Iraq with their propaganda?
WHO armed the Taliban with rocket launchers and land mines?
WHO gave Iran American tanks, American planes and American gunships?
WHO armed Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq JUST ENOUGH to maintain the destruction and sustain their wars?
WHO turned Kuwait against the Arabs during the oil embargo of Iran?
WHO gave the POOR KURDS the EXPENSIVE EXPLOSIVES to use on Iraqs Oil Fields?
WHO buys the Drugs and sells weapons to BOTH the Drug Czars AND the governments they fight?
WHO puts our military into foreign lands to fight those SAME Drug Czars that WE fund and arm?
WHO uses you as a Guinea Pig to test Thalidimide, HRT, Fenphen, Acutane, Baycol, Zyrexia, Neurontin, and TELLS the FDA to tell you that you NEED to buy it, but then refuses to fund your medical bills?
WHO sells you Pesticides and Herbisides, Knowing it will make you sick? WHO  made Agent Orange? Who promotes Genetically altered FOOD? WHO puts famers in thrid world countries out of businness?

WHO have bombed and starved the people of Iraq for 12 years and blame Saddam for worn out powerplants and poor security between the tribes?
WHO sends the CIA to asasinate and disrupt the progress of the third world?
WHO TOLD the CIA to collect excuses to justify our invasion of Iraq?
WHO LIED to the American People and the World and invaded an Innocent land?
WHO has been arming and dividing the world since WW2?
WHO has peddled religions of Hate in foreign lands, turning nation against nation?
WHO has more weapons of mass destruction then anyone else in the World?                                                                   WHO Finances wars around the world?
WHO armed the ATTACKERS that have CREATED the Defenders?

Who took Aboriginals from Africa, Truned them into Slaves, Mudered, Raped and Mamed them. Slavery is not dead, it is right in front of you, Can you see where it is?  Or Are you BLIND? WHO teaches other countries the Art Of Torture? WHO has been responsible for creating more poverty then anyone else in the WORLD?

WHO owns the right wing media that tells you LIES?

Do You KNOW The Answers?  I have more Questions.


Who is your RULER ?  There are more Lies then these this is the Short LIST
List of Bush lies :  To this document date, 400,000+ INNOCENT people have been MURDERED, WOUNDED and MAIMED because of Bush's LIES in pursuit of Oil, Power, Cheap Labor and Market Share for his handlers.

. LIE 1. Iraq was responsible for the 11 September attacks .

. LIE 2. Iraq and Al-Qa'ida were working together .

. LIE 3. Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa for his nuclear weapons program .

. LIE 4. Iraq was trying to import aluminum tubes to develop nuclear weapons .

. LIE 5. Iraq had vast stocks of chemical and biological weapons from the first Gulf War .

. LIE 6. Iraq retained up to 20 missiles which could carry chemical, neuclear or biological warheads, with a range which would threaten British forces in Cyprus .

. LIE 7. Saddam Hussein had the wherewithal to develop smallpox .

. LIE 8. US and British claims were supported by the inspectors .

. LIE 9. Previous weapons inspections had failed .

. LIE 10. Iraq was obstructing the inspectors .

. LIE 11. Iraq could deploy its weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes .

. LIE 12. The "dodgy dossier" .

. LIE 13. War would be easy and quick .

. LIE 14. Umm Qasr controlled by coalition .

. LIE 15. Basra rebellion was against Saddam .

. LIE 16. Private Jessica Lynch was "rescued" from the Doctors treating her injuries .

. LIE 17. Troops would face chemical and biological weapons .

. LIE 18. Although they use our weapons, we are not the "Evil Empire".

. LIE 19. Interrogation of scientists would yield the location of WMD .

. LIE 20. Iraq's oil money would go to Iraqis .

. LIE 21. WMD were found .

. LIE 21. Saddam Supplied Forgers to Al'Qaeda make damaging documents that we could use as excuses to invade Saddam's Country. Huh?

. LIE 23. Saddam can make "Dirty Bombs" .

. LIE 24. We killed soldiers dressed as civilians .

. LIE 25. We did not intend to target Al-Jezzerea, and other
news reporters .

. LIE 26. We did not add Sodium and Phosphorus in bombs to cremate the bodies and reduce the body count.

. LIE 27. If we wait, we will learn of Saddams Plan from a Mushroom Cloud .

. LIE 28. North Korea would not commit suicide by using nuclear weapons, but Saddam would.

. LIE 29. "Mission Accomplished"

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