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Brain Wasting

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Brain Wasting

There are many forms of Brain Wasting Disease

There are many ways to transmit it as well.

There were quite a number of people infected from having Brain patches implanted. About 10 years after you have the implant you get CJD and Die. These body parts were harvested from corpses and sold to a company that shipped them around the world. One can only guess what else they spread to innocent patients. This company was a greedy Corperation. Profit above the health of people. They literally got away with murder for years. The fine they were given was so patheticly small, it would never stop them from continuing on a path of destruction.  Your driving down the road at a thousand miles an hour and you get a mear $1 fine would that stop you from speeding. No. 

LYODURA is something we all should know about.

There are various types in animals. Of course with each animal they give it a different name. They all cause the same problems however.

Sheep, Elk, Deer, Goats and Cattle. Other wild and domesticated animals are in all liklyhood infected by these brain wasting diseases but have no either be diagnosed or it is given a different name. Or is chalked up to something else.

The symptoms are all pretty much the same. It eats away at your brain. And You die.

Animal feed is still being contaminated by putting animal parts in it. Cattle, Sheep. Pigs, Elk, Chickens and Deer are vegetarians and always were. Putting any for of animal matter in Cattle Feed, Sheep Feed, Pig Feed etc is one of the most foolish things Man has ever done. Wild animals could be affected by feed as well. Lots of do gooders feed the wild animals thinking it is helping them. The reality is if the wild animals had feed infected by BSE or any other form of brain wasting disease in the feed they could be infected. Logic dictates that. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

The second confirmed U.S. case of the human form of mad cow disease has been discovered in Texas. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is caused by eating beef tainted with the fatal disease. In this case, it is assumed the man caught the disease during the UK outbreak, rather than from U.S. beef, as he is originally from England.

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