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The Debt Crisis   Some Causes  Of Poor Countries Debt Problems.

Plus >>Lets Take Their Water While No One is Looking.

HUH What???? I am So Confused!!!!!!!!! He says one thing and does the other. Go Figure. I must be seeing things. Reality Check. Actually that is what he always does!

Bush says U.S. seeks to eliminate torture worldwide: President Bush, whose administration has been hit by accusations of prisoner abuse, said on Sunday that the United States was committed to the elimination of torture worldwide.

Bush Signed Secret Executive Order Approving Torture: According to agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, President George W. Bush has signed a secret executive order approving the use of torture against prisoners captured in his "war on terror".

Bush Tyranny In Iraq Surpasses That Of Saddam.  For Complete Report

Saddam didn't kick the UN weapons inspectors out of Iraq.
But Bush did.
Saddam targeted extremist Shite al-Sadr & his militia
So did Bush.
Saddam wouldn't let human rights groups into all prisons;
Neither will Bush.
Rights Groups Demand That US Open All Detention Facilities
Officer Says Army Tried to Curb Red Cross Visits to Prison in Iraq
War Crimes: Gen. Sanchez Hid Prisoner From Red Cross
Saddam arbitrarily arrested Iraqis; tortured Iraqis;
So does Bush.
70% to 90% of Iraq Prisoners 'Arrested by Mistake'
Detainees Suffer Terror at US Hands; Red Cross Says Torture Part of Deliberate Tactic
Iraqi Security Tactics Evoke the Hussein Era
Saddam arrested and tortured children;
So does Bush.
Military Analyst Describes Abuse of 16-Year-Old in Iraq Prison
Iraq's child prisoners
*And wait until the so-far unreleased batch of Abu Ghraib photos and videos are made public. Be sure to cover your ears; the screaming of the children tortured by the US will scar your soul forever.
Saddam "disappeared" Iraqis;
So does Bush.
Hussein "mass-graved thousands" (5100 remains found to date);
So does Bush.
Mass graves to reveal Iraq war toll
But BUSH is the winner of record number of Abu Ghraib detainees;
BUSH is the winner for double the child malnutrition rate
BUSH is the winner for Iraqis 58 times more likely to die
BUSH is the winner for less oil & electricity
BUSH is the winner for less clean drinking water, sanitation                                                                                         

BUSH is the winner for creating terrorists in Iraq
Into the third year of American "superiority", Iraqis Endure Worse Conditions Than Under Saddam

This report was researched and prepared by LynnTheDem

Bush Ties To The Bin Ladens Family

Implosion 911  I would Read This

The Pentagon lied.

Defense Minister, Adam Ingram, admitted that the US had misled the British high command about the use of napalm, but he would not comment on the extent of the cover up. The use of firebombs puts the US in breach of the 1980 Convention on Certain Chemical Weapons (CCW) and is a violation the Geneva Protocol against the use of white phosphorous, "since its use causes indiscriminate and extreme injuries especially when deployed in an urban area."

Napalm in Falluja

The US also used napalm in the siege of Falluja as was reported in the UK Mirror ("Falluja Napalmed", 11-28-04) The Mirror said, "President George Bush has sanctioned the use of napalm, a deadly cocktail of polystyrene and jet-fuel banned by the United Nations in 1980, will stun the world.. Reports claim that innocent civilians have died in napalm attacks, which turn victims into human fireballs as the gel bonds flames to flesh.Since the American assault on Falluja there have been reports of 'melted' corpse, which appeared to have napalm injuries."

"Human fireballs" and "melted corpses"; these are the real expressions of Operation Iraqi Freedom not the bland platitudes issuing from the presidential podium.
We can assume that the order to use napalm (as well as the other, unidentified substances) came straight from the office of Donald Rumsfeld.Wake Up Call

The Realities of War    Sometimes Seeing Is Believing. The Images are rather graphic. But it is reality after all. It's time to see the truth. You can't hide your head in the sand forever. There are more pictures in Shattered Mirror-Impact of War

Bunker Busters- The Bush administration has asked for $8.5 million in the 2006 budget for research on a "Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator" (RNEP). This new nuclear weapon, also known as the nuclear "bunker buster," is being promoted as a useful tool in attacking deeply buried command centers or underground stores of chemical and biological weapons. But numerous scientific critiques, including one by the National Academy of Science, find that in many cases such a weapon would be ineffective. In addition, the nuclear blast and radioactive fall-out could kill millions of innocent people in surrounding areas. A single "bunker buster" would likely have many times the explosive capability and fallout of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima!!!!! Please consider joining me in signing this petition sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Petition to oppose Nuclear Bunker Busters due 7 11 05 5:11 PM

We know that the United States is in daily, deliberate, and systematic violation of the Geneva Conventions, and of Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to both of which it is a signatory. We know that our officials are also violating the federal War Crimes Act, a 1996 statute that carries the death penalty.

Pass It On! : The Whispering Campaign is your chance to help accelerate the spread of information from the blogosphere to the rest of the country.

Iraqi Reporter Shot Dead By U.S. Troops: An Iraqi reporter working for an American news organization was shot and killed in Baghdad by U.S. troops after he apparently did not respond to a shouted signal from a military convoy, witnesses said.

Iraq: The carve-up begins: As the costs of the Iraq occupation spiral, British and American oil companies meet in secret next week to carve up the country's oil reserves for themselves. Tom Burgis reports

US caused more deaths in Iraq than Saddam, says anti-war tribunal : The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI), a grouping of NGOs, intellectuals and writers opposed to the war in Iraq, on Friday accused the United States of causing more deaths in Iraq than ousted president Saddam Hussein.

Iraq's power struggle as supplies falter : Speak to any Iraqi and they will tell you their standard of living has not improved since the toppling of Saddam Hussein two years ago. Many will tell you it has got worse.

Did U.S. Soldiers Shoot Iraqi Kids and Plant Weapons On Their Bodies? Warning This reports contain images that should only be viewed by adults.

Child Abuse When the public liars sat down together,   it is unlikely they gave any thought to the most vulnerable targets of their war crime: the children. By Chris Floyd Like all murderers, they did whatever they had to do to get what they wanted, regardless of the consequences for others. Like all terrorists, they rationalized their atrocities with noble rhetoric, citing the unassailable righteousness of their cause as justification for the unspeakable evil they were unleashing.  And like all abusers of innocent children, they covered up    their baser motives with self-serving lies.

Rape earns dubious distinction as a weapon of war

Rape is not a new weapon of war it was used during the Vietnam war. It was standard Procedure. From Winter Soldier Testimony.

Italy charges CIA agents in abduction case : In rare act by ally, officials seek arrests of U.S. agents in kidnapping of imam who allegedly was tortured in Egypt

Italy Judge Orders Arrest of 13 CIA Agents : The agents are suspected in the seizure of an Egyptian-born imam identified as Abu Omar on the streets of Milan in February 2003, according to the official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information.

In case you missed it: War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal: International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal.

Censorship: So the American government is pressuring foreign countries to censor their news. Aside from the fact that this act is the height of arrogance by the United States, it makes it exceedingly clear why so many Americans who rely on the corporate media for their news continue to be so misinformed/un-informed about the goings on in Iraq.

I'm Having A Bad Hair Day. 

I wonder Who George is trying to convince. That is a bunch of crap. Iraq had nothing to do with 911. He has put the world in more danger than any President ever has. He has lied, manipulated, coerced, and fabricated whatever is needed to justify his actions. He has cost the American people their safety and pride. There is an air of mistrust all over the planet. People are being jailed for no particular reason, other then they are suspected of maybe being terrorists. They don’t get justice. Just locked away for years and tortured. He has sent off troops to fight a war that should not be. NOT justifiable. If I remember it was over weapons of mass destruction, which did not exist except in someones imagination. Iraq is worse off now then they ever were. Not enough food, enough water. Absolutely no form of feeling safe whatsoever. The death toll in Iraq is higher now by horrific numbers in comparison to the before picture when Sadism was in power, who was helped into to power by the American Government. Saddam was supplied with weapons by said government so Iran could be attacked. Lest WE Forget. The US encouraged him. Helped him in every way possible. Not defending or condoning Saddams actions, yes he did kill a large number of people. Of course had he not been helped into power??? I guess we will never know, will we. In Afghanistan they desperately wanted a gas pipeline accoss it. Well it’s there now. Iraq has oil and guess who is in control of it. Bush has been trying to convince the world he is justified in what he is doing. Well evidence tells me he is guilty of numerous crimes. Bush is the criminal. Because of him many have died. Soldiers, reporters, innocent civilians, If one can judge by the evidence only, it is quiet clear. Innocent people have been put into prison. Now when I comes to Cuba. After everything that has been shoved down the throats of people by by the media and the Gov. about how horrid  Cuban is, and how evil it all is there. I have to wonder about the choice of using it as a refuge to store prisoners. Haven’t we been told for years how horrible the Government is there?? In Cuba they have free health care, Everyone has access to health care. No exceptions. That is just awful. I know of a great number of people who have gone there on vacation and found most of what they saw on the news was B. S.

What I have noticed is Whatever Bush talks about what other countries are doing that is so evil,  is exactly what he is doing.

Oldest Trick in the book. Do what you want and blame it on the enemy. Kill whomever you want and blame it on the enemy. That is as Old as when they dressed up as Indians and attacked a community to break a treaty. Or When they stole black people from Africa and justified it by saying they were inferior. Hello how gullible are we? History tells us to be careful. Witches burned at the stake and tortured. That was nothing more then a land grab. The accuser got the witches land. Go Figure? In history they always had to find someone to blame for the ills of the world. They just pick some one and fly with it. They create it. It’s called propaganda. Hitler did it with the Jews. One can learn a lot from History, if they are willing to learn the lesson. The gay people are evil ??? Oh yes we must not forget they will destroy the world too. Ya right!!!

Next it will be people with "Blue" eyes. Or maybe it’s "Blondes" that will destroy the world. Or maybe it’s that cheap White Trash. Or maybe or maybe. I remember an era when men were put on work farms and called communist and all they really were, "Men out of work and hungry." It was all based on lies. Regina Riots. Just ordinary people like us. Who happened to not be lucky enough to have a job. It was B.S. "Unions were evil. "If not for Unions little kids would still be working like slaves in many countries. Our safety standards would be nil. Workers would have virtually no rights.

Who's Next On Bushes Hit List I Wonder?????????????

Do we stiil have Freedom Of Speech? NO!


The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service: Albert Einstein

Cancel Your Subscriptions - The Time Has Come

AND THE ENEMY IS OUR CORPORATE MEDIA!We cannot continue to battle the beast while we finance its very existence!Might Work If they refuse to tell the Public the Truth what good are they?

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the U.S.? An Interview with (ret.) Colonel Sam Gardiner By Kevin Zeese I find it amazing that there is now a growing interest in the marketing the war. There is absolutely no question that the White House and the Pentagon participated in an effort to market the military option. The truth did not make any difference to that campaign.

US 'concealing' Saddam's secrets :

"There should be transparency and there should be frankness, but there are secrets that, if revealed, won't be in the interest of many countries," Mr Shandal said. "Who was helping Saddam all those years?"

Court Backs Soldier's Anti-Iraq War Stance : A German court ruled Wednesday that a soldier, who refused to follow orders because he did not want to support the US-led war in Iraq, had every right to do so.

Aljazeera Guantanamo inmate 'abused': An Aljazeera cameraman who has been incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay since 2001 has suffered extreme physical, sexual and religious abuse, his lawyer has said.

How does Guantanamo compare to the Soviet Gulag?: From Solzhenitsyn's Gulag: The Simplest Methods which Break the Will : An excerpt on interrogation methods from Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago

We shelter behind the myth that progress is being made The reality - unimaginable for the Americans and their self-deluding allies, tragic for the Iraqis themselves - is that Iraq is a hell-disaster

By Robert Fisk

So we are going to support the myth. As the headless bodies are found along the Tigris, as the mortuaries fill up, as the American dead grow far beyond 1,700 - and, let us remember, the Iraqi dead go into the tens of thousands - Europe and the rest of the world still support the American project.

Bush War On Terror? More like Bush's War Creates Terror! The Evidence File By LynnTheDem You've made us all less safe now, while killing tens of thousands of innocent people, including Americans. Read the evidence file.

UN experts say accounts detail Guantanamo torture: U.N. human rights experts said Thursday they have reliable accounts of detainees being tortured at the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

U.N. Expert Says U.S. Stalling on Request to Visit Guantanamo Detainees: Manfred Nowak, the U.N. special investigator on torture, said that he and three other experts would use a news conference later Thursday to voice their complaints that Washington has not responded to their mid-April request to check on the conditions of the detainees.

Israel: Detainee blinded during interrogation : Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Fahmi Shqeirat, reported that detainee Salama Mohammad Rashaida, 30, from Bethlehem, lost his sight as a result of torture in Asqalan detention.

This has been done to Other Countries as Well. Bush Threatens Everyone. Then says he has their approval to whatever he wants, when in reality:

 They were forced to co-operate.

Showdown: Washington Threatens Ecuador, Demands Immunity for U.S. Troops:  Ecuador's President Alfredo Palacio has decided not to sign an immunity treaty for U.S. military and civilian officials before the World Court. Washington is now trying to blackmail Ecuador's new (60-days-old) President, Alfredo Palacio with threats of cutting aid.

I use to think some people were a pain in the neck, my opinion of them had moved down.

The Wind Blows It Goes. Endures For Every Future Generation.

And they wonder why the Cancer rate among other things is growing at a staggering rate?

One doesn’t have to be Genius to figure it out. Who are they trying to kid?

Depleted uranium Metal Of Dishonor

What Government Documents Admit


WHO Is used in Aircraft as Counter Weights Depleted Uranium That is?

Fact Sheets On Health

\Silver Bullet: Depleted Uranium

In the Gulf War, the U.S. fired almost a million DU rounds, leaving a battlefield littered with 1,400 wrecked radioactive Iraqi tanks, crawled over by victorious GI's who were breathing in contaminated dust.

Depleted uranium is the super weapon of the '90s; used in the Gulf War and the conflict in Kosovo. But now Canadian troops, soldiers and peacekeepers alike, may be exposed to depleted uranium with its potential danger. Now this threat wasn't one raised by a hostile enemy, but by the arms used by the United States and other NATO allies. They defeated the toughest armoured vehicles with the use of depleted uranium. It packed a knockout punch, but what soldiers often didn't know was that depleted uranium poses a threat to victor as well as vanquished.

Depleted Uranium Watch

Guns They are a Problem Millions of Fire Arms are sold Every Day in the US. Numbers are absolutely Staggering. I did some Reasearch into it. State By State. What I discovered is Terrifying to say the least.

Hollywood Black list Another "Witch Hunt"

"Blacklists and Other Economic Sanctions" The Witch Hunt"

The New Blacklist
Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands
Spurred on by a biblical injunction evangelicals call "The Great Commission," and emboldened by George W. Bush’s re-election, which is perceived as a "mandate from God," the Christian right has launched a series of boycotts and pressure campaigns aimed at corporate America.

A blacklist is a list or register of people who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, or mobility. As a verb, blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize them from a certain social circle.

Editorial For Today

Well pot has lots of great things about it. Fabulous pain relief. It's an old herbal remedy. Fabulous for pain relief. Not as addictive a may pain killers on the market are.

The will never put something on the market that will cure. Cuts into profit and research moneys, don't ya know? Finding a cure is so much more profitable. Simple but true. Treating sick is profitable curing them is not. I figured that one out years ago. I wonder what is taking the rest of the public so long to get that one. Cancer is big business why do you think they do so much to create it. Depleted uranium, pesticides herbicides. Toxic garbage air pollution. They make trillions of that shit. Putting it bluntly. Pharma companies adore sick people. They even go out of their way to create more of them. Hey did you know that the Government has research in progress, and this is just sick. They are working on a virus that targets a specific ethnic group. Imagine a virus that kills only Black people. WOW how sweet. They have been working on that one for quite a while. Many suspect that HIV was created in a lab in the thirties, for germ warfare. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. And how coincidental it started in the Black and Gay communities. Of course they never expected Blacks to marry Whites and obviously never realized there were such a group as bi-sexuals. Boy that one blew ah. Germ warfare is very sneaky and underhanded and in the hands of a lunatic can be very devastatings. It is easy to introduce to a community of people. Same with animals. It can be introduced at the drop of a hat. Put it in the FEED that animals eat. BSE is an example. I rest my case. An epidemic can be started in a matter of One second. All you need is one person, one animal. Only ONE. Like the flue that an American soldier took to war over seas with him. That flue epidemic killed millions around the world. That's History. Was he given the flue on purpose? You tell me?

Shhh Don't tell the public

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74

In 1974 researchers learned that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice. But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results, which were never replicated -- until now. Story Tools

More stories by Raymond Cushing House approves flag-burning

House approves flag-burning amendment
Measure might finally pass Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House on Wednesday approved a constitutional amendment that would give Congress the power to ban desecration of the American flag, a measure that for the first time stands a chance of passing the Senate as well.

If someone had ever told me as a child I would grow up to do this I would have freaked.! Anyway I suppose a few people should sign this?????? 

Support the Freedom to Read

Urge Your Senators to Support the Freedom to Read  Complete the form on the left with your information. Personalize the subject and text of the message on the right with your own words, if you wish.

Congress is hearing your message. Last week the House of Representatives passed important legislation that will limit the FBI’s power under the Patriot Act to get a secret court to demand your library and  bookstore records without any reason to believe you were involved in a crime. This exciting development offers another clear example that many representatives now understand that the Patriot Act went too far and needs to be brought in line with the Constitution.

This is an important first step in reform of the Patriot Act and will help us achieve broader, comprehensive reforms of the secret searches and other intrusive Patriot Act powers in the days ahead. This positive step would not have been possible without your actions.

Private Warriors: New PBS Doc Questions Role of Military Contractors in Iraq

Gov't. Collected Airline Passenger Data : The federal agency in charge of aviation security collected extensive personal information about airline passengers even though Congress forbade it and officials said they wouldn't do it, according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

Florida "First in  Martial Law "  Just in Case You Missed It

Jeb Bush Signs Martial Law EO Four Days Before the Attack on the Pentagon Martial Law in Florida A Revised State Constitution 

 Florida Governor "Jeb" Bush signed Executive Order No. 01-261 which states, in part: "I hereby delegate to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida all necessary authority, within approved budgetary appropriations or grants, to order members of the Florida National Guard into active service, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes, for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disasters and to provide training support to law-enforcement personnel and community-based organizations relating to counter drug operations. This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its revocation or June 30, 2003." This Florida EO places the Florida National Guard [which is not a lawful militia], a unit of the Federal U.S. Army, in control of all Florida law enforcement [State FDLE, County Sheriffs, and local PD's] and the Florida Emergency Management Agency [Florida's FEMA under federal FEMA control]. This took place four days before the World Trade Center disaster.

They Died So Republicans Could Take the Senate Freedom wasn't the goal of George W. Bush or his neoconservative Republican colleagues. It was political power. And they were willing to lie us into a war to achieve it.

by Thom Hartmann

It was a war for political power. That had to be first. Everything else - oil, profits, ongoing PATRIOT Act powers, easy manipulation of the media - all could only come if political power was seized and held through at least two decisive election cycles. The Bush administration lied us into an invasion to get and keep political power.

In case you missed it:  Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war : Decision came nine days after 9/11: Ex-ambassador reveals discussion.

In case you missed it:  UN Nuclear Team: US Sabotaged Inspections : Some inspectors are ``scandalized'' at the way President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell, among others, have ``politicized'' the inspection process, said a source close to the inspectors.

Former Klansman found guilty of manslaughter News Staff

Former Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen has been found guilty of manslaughter in the deaths of three civil-rights workers who disappeared exactly 41 years ago today.

Schwerner, 24, and Goodman, 20, came from New York to register black voters. Chaney, a 21-year-old black man from Mississippi, also participated in the voter drive.

On June 21, 1964, the three were in a car together, driving on Mississippi back roads in an attempt to investigate a church burning in the segregated south. Before they could get to the church, the three men were arrested for speeding and thrown into jail.

Prosecutors say that while the civil rights workers sat in prison, about 20 Klan members decided to hatch a plan to kill the three.

When the three were released, they were chased by Klan members, who forced their vehicle off the road, beat them and shot them to death at close range, authorities say.

Their bodies were found 44 days later, buried in an earthen dam.

Killen, a part-time preacher, was accused by authorities of being the ringleader. He was also the first person to be indicted for murder in the case.

Ben Chaney, James Earl Chaney's younger brother, said he spoke briefly to his 82-year-old mother after the verdict. "She's happy," he said. "She finally believes that the life of her son has some value to the people in this community."

But for some of those who had hoped to see Mr. Killen convicted of murder, the manslaughter verdict was less than a total victory. "The fact that some members of this jury could have sat through that testimony, indeed could have lived here all these years and could not bring themselves to acknowledge that these were murders, that they were committed with malice, indicates that there are still people unfortunately among you who choose to look aside, who choose to not see the truth," Ms. Bender, who was married to Mr. Schwerner, said after the trial.

Todays Editorial 

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH KKK Now that is just so weird.

I bet they check to see who read the Farmers Almanac as well.

I have to wonder what other books are on their watch list.?

That lovely Patriot Act is just too much.

The library , well why not?

Moral of story No Reading.

Readers are now suspected terrorists!!!!!!!

We surfers are dead meat!  Of course they have been monitoring that for years. Point of interest.  Apparently they are the only country in the world that does.

Pretty soon big brother will be taking a bath with us. EWWWWWWWWWW

Snuggling in our beds with at night. Oh how GROSSSSSSSSSS

One had better be careful what groceries you buy too. If they ever put sugar on the watch list! POW right in the KISSER. No it will be those Vegetarians I just know it. If you don’t eat meat you must be ABYNORMAL. Yup it will definitely be vegetarians! For Sure.

And Whatever you do and I can’t stress this enough.



When talking on the phone, never say Bush,  Bin Laden or any other related name or saying connected to anything cus they is listening to that too. They even know what TV shows you watch. Go figure. So be careful what you watch. For all you know Jim Carry could be a terrorist show in code? I know for sure Jon Stewart is on their watch list. Tee hee. I never going to your country . Never Never Never.

I am just waiting for the Wall to built. <<<<<< Not kidding! I dang serious about that one. I swear. Honestly. I don’t lie.

All kidding aside.

This pretty much reminds me of the days when they were hunting down communists. And after all was said and done. It was a very sick era. People were all living in fear of being accused of whatever. Most of which was B.S. and propaganda. It is pretty much the same scenario. Witch hunts same thing. When are they ever going to come up with something New? That has been beaten to death and still people get sucked into it.

It was the Aboriginal Indians, the Black people "Slaves", the Witches, the poor White Trash the Communists, the Gays, the Mexicans, the Welfare people, the Farmers Almanac Readers. OH They is dangerous for sure! France, and of course any other country that disagreed with Bush All were the enemy and the list just goes on forever. And now the READERS . I wonder who’s next?

Anyone see a pattern emerging here? All were the Axes of Evil, One way or the other.

I have to wonder how many of us are on their so-called Black List.

And Yes they have one tucked away.  Now Where did I put that dang thing. Rummage Rummage????????? I will find it? It's here somewhere!  I put it some where safe so I wouldn't lose it.

FBI trawls libraries for terrorist readers For Full Story

London Guardian | June 21 2005

The bookish calm of a public library might not seem like the most obvious place to hunt for terrorists, but according to a report, the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies involved in counter-terrorism have made more than 200 requests for information about borrowers from libraries since September 11.

A list of people who had borrowed a book about Osama bin Laden was among the information to have been demanded since the introduction of the patriot act, the legislation that has enhanced the government's powers to investigate alleged terrorist activity after the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon..

Locking On to Target  For Full Story Just a Reminder!

Indeed, reported the  Associated Press on December 24th, this threat is so serious that the FBI has just issued a nationwide police dispatch:

"…the FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

"In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said terrorists may use almanacs 'to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning.'

The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs,  The Other Version cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning.

In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said terrorists may use almanacs "to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning."

It urged officers to watch during searches, traffic stops and other investigations for anyone carrying almanacs, especially if the books are annotated in suspicious ways.

Editorial  Comment on Todays News.

What Kind Of a World Do We Live IN? I wonder?

Seems Like The Gestapo is taking over  everywhere Doesn't it? Sending innocent people to countries where they get tortured and all. One could be arrested for spitting on the street, never to be seen again. Or being in possession of a Farmers Almanac. Or Or Or.  How Bazzar!!

Protesters being put in prison for voiceing their opinion or worse killed. What ever happened to Freedom of Speech. What ever happend to Privacy? Reporters being threatened, murdered even. Innocent people being locked up for years without any recourse. I wonder ? I wonder?  I wonder? You Should Wonder Too!  Whatever happened to..........This????   I ask myself every day!

FBI protecting Osama's rights
Federal officials withholding information to prevent 'invasion of personal privacy' 
The Federal Bureau of Investigation  is preventing some information related to al-Qaida terror leader Osama bin Laden from being released, invoking a law that permits the feds to withhold data if it "would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy."


FYI: Kiss Goodbye to the 4th Amendment   For Full Story

It's finally happened. Thanks to recent judicial decisions by the traditionally conservative 5th Circuit Court and the US Supreme Court, Americans can pretty much kiss the 4th Amendment good-bye. On the heels of a US Supreme Court decision that now allows police to fully arrest and handcuff American citizens for misdemeanor violations of traffic law that are generally punishable with a ticket and a fine in traffic court, the usually conservative US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled on Friday, March 26, 2004 that police officers can briefly search homes and commercial buildings and use any evidence found in those warrantless searches in the trials of those charged with violating the law—even if police had no suspicion those being detained had violated laws for which they were consequently charged based on the evidence discovered in the warrantless search.


The US war with Iran has already begun

By Scott Ritter
Americans, along with the rest of the world, are starting to wake up to the uncomfortable fact that President George Bush not only lied to them about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (the ostensible excuse for the March 2003 invasion and occupation of that country by US forces), but also about the very process that led to war.

On 16 October 2002, President Bush told the American people that "I have not ordered the use of force. I hope that the use of force will not become necessary."

We know now that this statement was itself a lie, that the president, by late August 2002, had, in fact, signed off on the 'execute' orders authorising the US military to begin active military operations inside Iraq, and that these orders were being implemented as early as September 2002, when the US Air Force, assisted by the British Royal Air Force, began expanding its bombardment of targets inside and outside the so-called no-fly zone in Iraq.


WMD claims were ' totally implausible'

Richard Norton-Taylor
A key Foreign Office diplomat responsible for liaising with UN inspectors says today that claims the government made about Iraq's weapons programme were "totally implausible".
He tells the Guardian: "I'd read the intelligence on WMD for four and a half years, and there's no way that it could sustain the case that the government was presenting. All of my colleagues knew that, too".

Carne Ross, who was a member of the British mission to the UN in New York during the run-up to the invasion, resigned from the FO last year, after giving evidence to the Butler inquiry.

He thought about publishing his testimony because he felt so angry. But he was warned that if he did he might be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

"There was a very good alternative to war that was never properly pursued, which was to close down Saddam's sources of illegal revenue", he says.

Mr Ross also says sanctions imposed against Iraq were wrong. "They did immeasurable damage to the Iraqi civilian population. We were conscious of that but we did too little to address it", he says.

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